2017 Arts Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications

Available to art students residing in the Lake Sunapee region

Press Release

New London New Hampshire – Center for the Arts is looking for qualified applicants for our 2017 Scholarship Program. Funded by the generosity of our members and the community these scholarships are awarded to students who are pursuing any area of the arts (literature, drama, dance, music or the visual arts). Scholarships are offered in three different categories: Students in grades 7-12, Adult Artists and Lang Memorial Scholarship for seniors attending college who are pursuing the arts. Interested students can find more information and applications on line at  centerfortheartsnh.org. The deadline for applying for Grades 7-12 is May 1 and April 15 for Seniors entering College in 2017.

To be considered, students must reside in one of the 12 towns in the Lake Sunapee Region (Andover, Bradford, Danbury, Grantham, New London, Newbury, Newport, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner, or Wilmot). They need to be enrolled in public or private school, or home schooled in grades 7-12 and agree to share with the community a demonstration of his or her work that is related to their scholarship.

The Center for The Arts is a volunteer organization that strives to showcase local and regional talent for the benefit of the artists, performers, residents, and visitors to this beautiful region.

For more information on how to apply for the scholarship program, please contact us at 603-526-4444 or visit  .CenterForTheArtsNH.org.