Planning Board Minutes: April 25, 2017

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Randall Costa, Vice-Chair; Jon Warzocha; Paul Currier; Art Urie; Doug Phelps, and David Blinn, Ex-Officio

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Dave Powers, Zoning Administrator; Pat Moyer, Planning & Zoning Coordinator; Jeff Woodward; David Bates; Donna Pourby; Dan Merzi; Raymond Critch; and Dawn Ordway

Planning and Zoning Coordinator:

A draft Home Occupation Permit was distributed to the board for review and editing. A question was raised as to what fee, if any, to charge for the permit. Discussion was deferred to a later meeting.

Continued Non-Binding Consultation:

Jeff Woodward for an annexation/lot line adjustment for 456 Franklin Highway, Tax Map 10, Lots 647,351 and 645,306

Woodward presented a revised plan that included the items previously requested by the board which include:

“Rebar is set” is indicated on the map; the survey indicates that the lot between Tax Map 10 Lot 690,308 and Tax Map 10 Lot 645,306 is not material to this application; the surveyor indicated the current lot line is to be abolished; a revised fee check was presented.

All items were approved by the board

The following waiver requests were granted by the board: 1AVII Show location of existing and proposed easements; 1AVIII Show location of existing and proposed utilities, septic, and well; 1B Topographic map; 1BII Results of soil tests; 1BIV Surface water runoff, sedimentation, and erosion.

Urie made a motion to deem the application complete. Warzocha seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of deeming the application complete.

Public Hearing:

Application for Jeff Woodward for an annexation / Lot line adjustment for 456 Franklin Highway, Tax Map 10, Lots 647,351 and 645,306

Woodward explained his proposal/application to the board and public present stating that 1/8 of an acre will be annexed from the second lot to the first lot, thereby adjusting the lot line between the two lots. Ordway asked what the plans are for the second lot and if it would impact the lot where her well is. Woodward responded that he has no plans for the second lot; however, this plan will not affect her well. Warzocha made a motion to approve the application as presented. Urie seconded the motion and the board voted in favor of approving the application as presented.

Site suitability for David Bates for property on Gale Road:

Urie recused as he is the realtor for the purchase of the property. The property is in the Forest/Agricultural District and Bates explained that a Special Exception was granted by the Zoning Board of Adjustment subject to the Planning Board deeming the site appropriate for the proposed use of constructing a single family residence. Warzocha made a motion to deem this an appropriate location for the intended use due to the existing adjacent development and Class V road and the lot appears to be suitably sized and the terrain appears to be suitable for the use. Phelps seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

Non-Binding Consultation:

Dan Merzi and Raymond Critch (engineer) for 14 Potters Lane for a Site Plan Review

Merzi and Critch presented a plan indicating the lots pertaining to the proposal (Tax Map 28, Lots 059,160 and 085,090) advising that a Special Exception is needed from the Zoning Board to build a contractor yard including outside storage of equipment, materials, and excavation of earth materials and quarrying of stone. The property which is in the Agricultural/Residential District and the Village District have road frontage on Cilleyville Road, Route 11 and Potters Lane.

Before the Zoning Board of Adjustment considers the application for Special Exception, the Planning Board must deem the site suitable for the proposed use. It was explained to the applicant that the application must go to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and then the Zoning Board of Adjustment must present the application to the Planning Board for site suitability. It was noted that upon receipt of the application, the Planning Board can either make a determination of suitability based on the application alone or may elect first to join the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting at which the application is presented.

Zoning Administrator:

Powers inquired whether Proctor has approval to use the old ski shop at 207 Main Street as a coffee shop. Moyer will review the file.

Doug Phelps – LRPC Map Discussion:

Phelps presented an example of the zoning map with parcels from LRPC to the board. He also stated that the finalized zoning map should be delivered soon. There are still some revisions that need to be included on the map. Costa requested that the zone boundary be differentiated from the property boundary lines. Phelps will request that Avitar provide the 2014 tax map for an overlay. Phelps will get a completed map and a shape file from LRPC.