Andover Emergency Services Auxiliary Formed

By Meghan Barton, Andover Auxiliary

It seems as though Andover has a building fire every year and a half or so. Every year and a half we think: we really could use an auxiliary! Last year’s fire at Proctor’s dorm sealed the deal! In past years it would only be one or two wives passing out water and sandwiches to the many fire fighters during a call. We did not have a team! With the suggestion and added support, we decided it was time to make this official!

I am excited to announce that this past January we met for the first time. Known as The Andover Emergency Services Auxiliary, our mission is: To support our emergency services in as many ways as possible through volunteering, fundraising, and community outreach and to support each other through fellowship. We support our team, our Firefighters, EMS, and Police.

We are lucky to have on our team, wives, mothers, family, friends, and townspeople. I am thankful for all of these ladies: Marj Roy, Vice President, Tiffany Perkins, Secretary, Gabi Calderaro, Treasurer, and Sharon Lefebvre, Sunshine Person. Irene Haley, Cathy Ellis, Tina Barton, Jenny Bodwell, Mary Phinney, Pat Moyer, Shawna Otis and Gail Barton. Together we will make a great team!

As part of our growing efforts to support our Fire, EMS, and Police, we have planned to have our 1st Annual, Andover Town Wide Yard Sale! Please save all of your unwanted items and valuables for Saturday, August 19. We hope you would like to advertise your yard sale on our map! We will be selling maps for $2 at both of our Main Street and East Stations, as well as goodies to help keep up your energy while you tour around Andover looking for great bargains and finds!

If you want to be found on our map, the cost is $10. We also will have tables to rent for $5 each and space for $15 to rent at both stations, just in case you decide you would like to be out and about in town. All of the money goes to benefit Andover Emergency Services Auxiliary.

Please contact us if you would like to join our Auxiliary, as you can never have enough support! If you would like more information about our Yard Sale, e-mail us at: