SHARE Day Participants Appreciated

Many skills and crafts shared with students

By Margo Coolidge

SHARE Day 2017 finally arrived at AE/MS on Friday, May 12! The day was filled with exciting opportunities for the students to learn new skills and crafts, bringing the Andover community into the school to share their many wonderful talents with the next generation. The workshops offered ranged from bread baking to maple syrup making, from bead working to woodworking, from fine arts to martial arts. Including the five offered only to the kindergarten through second grade students, there were 35 workshops.

A wonderful assembly showcasing many gifted members of the student body and faculty ended the day. Thank you to Cope Makechnie for giving us a beautiful preview of Proctor Academy's production of Beauty and the Beast. The students' creations from their workshops were displayed all around the gym, amazing everyone there. Wow, are our AE/MS students and faculty awesome!

This was a rich community school day, made possible only with the encouragement and help of the school administration and staff. Thank you for your wonderful support! In all, over 110 community members, school faculty, and staff were involved as workshop leaders and helpers, snack and lunch crew, transportation, cleanup crew, and organizers. Thank you to all involved.

Next May we will have the 30th SHARE Day: See How the Arts Reach Everyone. We want it to be even more exciting than this year. Come and share your talents and skills for a day and inspire our Andover children. They are amazing. You are amazing!!

The following is a list of this year's workshop leaders and helpers, a combination of members of the community, faculty, and staff. My apology if anyone's name is omitted. Special thanks to: Chris Braley, Gail Parenteau, Jane Slayton, and Vic Stewart.

Workshop Leaders: Alison Barry, Jen Bent, Harvey Best, Rosie Best, Pam Brown, Mark Cowdry, Joy Crucitti, Drew Donaldson, Michelle Dudek, Cathy Fadden, Beth Frost, Howard George, Jill Jones Grotnes, Anne Hewitt, Kathy Hildebrand, Gretchen Hildebrand, Jay Hubbard, Mike Jensen, Sarah Kimball, Brenda Lance, Courtney Minnehan, Josh Norris, Tim Norris, Holly Noyes, Stephanie Peters, Harvey Pine, Jason Roy, Pat Severance, David Sheehy, Katherine Stearns, Greg Stetson, Heidi Terwilliger, Nick Terwilliger, Mike Wiley, Kayden Will.

Volunteers: Lindsey Allenby, Cheryl Barney, Gail Barton, Megan Barton, Audrey Blodgett, Joanie Champagne, Tom Conway, Margo Coolidge, Tina Cotton, Holly Croteau, Deana Crucitti, Gisela Darling, Steve Darling, Emma Davis, Robin Davis, Tim Denoncour, Wendy Drewry, Sarah Edmonds, Mike Folds, Erin Frost, Chris Frost, Bindika Ghiniere, Jen Hauser, Barbara Hawks, Sooze Hodgson, Selena Jacobs, Jamie Johnson, William Johnson, Adam Jones, Kate Jones, Brenda Jurta, Molly Kidane, Shirley LaBonte, Emily Lance, Amanda Lauster, Kristy LaRoche, Amy Makechnie, Betty Manahan, McGill, Ethney McMahon, Jane Martin, Olivia Martinson, Brittney Milligan, Molly Morgan, Dan Muri, Ryan Murphy, Jodi Nelson, Bob Norander, Annalise Nordstrom, Mary Pearson, Bailey Powers, Laura Powers, Mary Sheehy, Ashley Silver, Mike Silverstein, Levi Southworth, Candi Spaulding, Janet Truchon, Jim Tucker, Judy Turk, Andrew Tyler, Sarah Will, Alí Williams, Sue Winters, Joanne Vogel, Joanne Young. Thank You, Everyone!

Our thanks to Proctor Academy for allowing the AE/MS students to use the art room, the mountain bike trails, the climbing wall, and Carr Field for some of our workshops.