Hard Work of Students Recognized at MVHS

By Jasmine Gormley, ‘19


Members of the French Honor Society were inducted on Thursday, May 18 at Merrimack Valley High School. Photo: Adriana Cauley

On Thursday, May 18, students returned to school after hours by choice, something that would usually be unthinkable for high schoolers. But the sophomores and juniors of Merrimack Valley High School (MVHS) had been brought back, tempted by the knowledge that they could be recognized for their dedication to being scholars.

The MVees, an award ceremony and banquet at MVHS, is a night put together by the local chapter of National Honor Society as a special event for underclassmen. This year, it included inductions into the local chapters of National Art Honor Society, French Honor Society, and National Honor Society, as well as a banquet and awards for distinguished students in their respective school subjects.

The sound of parents proudly snapping pictures as students were called to receive awards could be heard, as well as the occasional heckle and subsequent laughter from the student’s friends. The night was enjoyed by all in attendance, and served as a final community service project for NHS. Sophomores and Juniors often have their hard work overlooked, since they are not quite the oldest or youngest in the school. It was a night of well-deserved recognition for the middle-children of high school.