Conservation Commission Minutes: May 10, 2017

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Mary Anne Broshek, Alan McIntyre, Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Nan Kaplan, and Jesse Schust.


:DES letter authorizing a “Wetlands Impact Forestry Notification” for Ragged Mt. Fish and Game Club, Tax map 26,880,420

Meeting with Board of Selectmen on May 1: Derek Mansell and Jesse Schust of the ACC attended a BOS meeting with John Thompson (Highway Department) to discuss the area of excavation near Bog Pond. The meeting was helpful for all involved and has been included in the BOS minutes. At the meeting it was suggested that Jesse act as the BOS and Highway Department contact with the ACC regarding excavation and restoration work. At the BOS meeting, Jesse agreed in principle but said he would ask the ACC for approval before assuming the role.

At the ACC meeting, Nan proposed that Jesse be the ACC contact as described above, Alan seconded and all approved. Jesse will use Earle Chase’s report recommendations for restoration when possible.

Bradley Lake: We are still waiting to hear from DES.

Monitoring: Derek will provide an updated chart of conserved land. Jesse will look at the conservation lands on GRANIT and see how this compares with Laura’s data.

We discussed the possibility of testing out the use of drones for certain aspects of monitoring. Jesse will follow up a contact with a local company.

Culvert Project: The Merrimack County Conservation District culvert project regarding improvement of fish and amphibian habitats in riparian zones is still underway. Stacy Luke is our contact and she is currently completing mandated courses in order to correctly identify eligible culverts. Alan will be working on this project in the future and will let Stacy know he is the new contact.

Beaver Deceivers: Nan will check with Vicky Mishcon and the DOT to determine current status. We would like to re-engage the DOT on the possibility of beaver deceiver implementation for all state roads, such as recent culvert work by Highland Lake. Jesse and Nan plan to make a presentation to the Wilmot CC in hopes that Wilmot will benefit from the Andover experience of beaver deceivers.

Co-occurrence Map: Alan will contact Laura to find out the status. Mary Anne has provided Alan with the necessary background material.

Future Events:Jerry plans to arrange a forestry workshop in the fall, near the end of September.

Jesse offered t o try to organize events with speakers he has seen from the UNH Extension.

Tree City: This status involves Andover having a tree planting every year. We discussed whether to continue this and agreed that we would like to. Mary Anne will find out about options for possible tree donations.