Loon Update, July 2017

By Donna Baker-Hartwell

After the downpour of rain yesterday, I went out this evening to check on the loon nest. Mother/Father loon is still sitting and I am happy to report that the water level at the nest site looks ok. Thanks to Jason Dudek, the level has been controlled at the dam. To the best of our knowledge, the loons have been sitting for 18 to 19 days. We can expect chicks perhaps, as early as the 26th of June. But don't get excited or concerned if they don't hatch until July 1.

Sarah Cantell, the loon biologist assigned to our lake has been out to see the loons nesting twice. She is happy that the buoys are up and that there is yellow ribbon and signs posted on the island near the nest. The more that we can let people know about the nest the safer the loons are. Thanks for all of you who help by getting the word out.