Adventures in 4th Grade

Fun and educational field trip to the State House

By Kristy LaRoche, AE/MS
The 4th Grade students from AE/MS stop for a photo in the lobby of the State House in Concord during a recent field trip. Photo: Kristy LaRoche

The 4th grade classes had a wonderful end of year field trip. We spent the morning learning how our state government works by visiting the state house. The students sat in both the House of Representatives and Senate to learn how laws are made and how, as individuals, we can make our voices heard to create changes in our communities. Everyone was impressed with the Hall of Flags and the history each flag told. The State House was abuzz with many meetings, but several Representatives took time out of their busy schedule to talk with us.

After lunch we traveled back in time to the Head School in Hooksett where the students experienced what education was like in a one room schoolhouse in 1840. We were greeted by our schoolmarm (a former Hooksett educator) with the ringing of the bell to signal the start of our day. Each scholar took on the role of a person who played a part in Hooksett history. The students sat through lessons using the simple tools that were provided during that time period, and if you didn’t behave- you might have to sit with a dunce cap on your head or one of the other favored punishments of that time. We also decided we like the convenience of indoor plumbing!

Overall our busy day was enjoyed by all and we learned something, too.