Ken Cushing Will Speak at The Old Time Fair

Sunday, August 6 at 1 PM

Press Release

Kenneth Cushing, author and historian will give an hour long presentation about the history of the Andover (New Hampshire) section of the Northern Railroad at 1 PM on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at the Andover Historical Society's annual “Old Time Fair”. Ken will discuss the history of the railways and rail stations of Andover, New Hampshire. He will discuss the construction of the railway through Andover and the dramatic historical events that happened on and near Andover's railways.

The railroad played a vital role in Andover's history, allowing local industries to distribute goods throughout 19th Century America. With railways to distribute goods, water-powered factories and mills flourished along Andover's brooks and rivers. Ice from East Andover travelled to Boston and was distributed throughout the country. Railways opened Andover to new markets. Andover farms flourished along with the development of rail travel, selling milk, wool and food to markets well beyond the local area. Tourists from Boston and beyond came by rail to Andover to stay in its large hotels located near the rail stations in Andover and Potter Place. Daily life was shaped by the presence of railways, which allowed local people to travel for work, school, family and leisure purposes.

Cushing is President of the Grafton Historical Society and an acclaimed researcher of the history of the Northern Railroad. His talks are very popular, so a large tent has been set aside for this presentation at 1pm. The event is the culminating program for the Old Time Fair, which begins at 9 AM and finishes at 2 PM. The day's events include a flea market and auction, live music, food, vendors, demonstrations, historical and local organizations, children’s games, museums (rail station, post office/store, and a caboose).

The Old Time Fair and Cushing's talk are both free to the public. The event is located at the Potter Place Railroad Station at 105 Depot St in Andover.