Andover Service Club Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2016-‘17

By Mary Ofenloch, ASC President


Left to right: Members Lorraine Roberts, Nancie
Jacobson, Judy Fox, Margo Coolidge, Ellen Langlais, Mary Phinney, and Judy
Evans worked at the ASC Slices for Scholarships fundraiser table on July 4
at the Town Green. Caption: Mary Ofenloch Photo: Robin Boynton

Since June 5, 1958, when the Andover Service Club (ASC) was organized, this women’s organization has been faithful to its mission of service to the community and the state, while broadening and strengthening their social and intellectual lines.

The ASC fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. All meetings begin at 10 AM with 15 minutes for refreshments and socializing, followed by business, opening words, and committee reports. The following is a brief synopsis of FY 2016-2017.

July 4, 2016: The annual Slices for Scholarships fundraiser was held on the Town Green.

August 2016: Summer vacation. No meetings.

September 2016: Three new members joined the ASC. More volunteers were needed for the Thrift Shop. Dues were collected by the membership chair, $10 per year. Plans were made for the Fall Festival Art & Craft Show, the Election Day Lunch & Bake Sale, and the Thanksgiving Pie Sale.

October 2016: Final report was made regarding the Fall Festival Art & Craft Fair on October 8. 28 vendors participated, and ASC held a bake sale which took place in the AE/MS gym. The Election Day Hot Lunch & Bake Sale plans were finalized. Thanksgiving Pie Sale is set and ready to go. Planning for the Gifts Galore raffle also was discussed. The Thrift Shop was in need of a new heating system as the old kerosene heater was failing and parts were no longer available.

November 2016: The Thrift Shop committee was investigating the possibility of replacing the kerosene heater with a heat pump, a propane heater, or solar panels. Estimates were needed and the budget needed to be adhered to. The Election Day Lunch did very well and all was set for the Thanksgiving Pie Sale. Sign up for the Christmas luncheon at 74 Main in New London took place. Proctor birthday cake fundraiser was running smoothly.

December 2016: Christmas luncheon was held at 74 Main in New London. Delicious! Winners of the Gifts Galore raffle were drawn. Treasurer reported club’s finances were doing well so far. Thanksgiving Pie Sale was another huge success. Luncheon ended with members singing Christmas carols.

January 2017: Financial report so far – club was doing well. $1000 awards were sent to each of the four ASC Merit Scholarship winners. The Thrift Shop committee had received estimates from three different companies regarding the new heating system. A discussion, and decision in favor of sponsoring another art and craft show, was approved for October 28. New fundraiser in progress – postcards or note cards.

February 2017: The scholarship chair reported that posters were ready for advertising, ads sent to The Beacon, and information was sent to the high schools. Treasurer reported that two memorial donations were received in memory of a deceased member; a donation was coming from Bank of America Charitable Foundation which supports its employees who volunteer for their community. A new member who has volunteered 100 hours to ASC is a Bank of America employee. Requests for funding for gifted or special needs students can be made to the ASC under the Dale Smith Scholarship Fund. A better sign was needed for the Thrift Shop. The next bake sale fundraiser will be in March for Town Meeting Day. Questions were discussed regarding who may apply for an ASC scholarship. It was decided to hold the annual June luncheon at 74 Main in New London. AE/MS has been reserved for October 28 Christmas in October at the Jingle Bell Fair. Publicity for ASC events would benefit if ASC had a social media account.

March 2017: The ASC brochures have been updated and are available at our events and at the Thrift Shop. A heat pump may be installed upstairs in the shop and the kerosene heater in the basement should remain as is. Discussion on the use of an ASC Website ensued, but there is no one to administer it. The scholarship chair was awaiting applications from students. The 2017-2018 budget would be written in April, presented to members in May, and approved at the June luncheon. A new slate of officers was needed for 2017-2018. Term of office for President, Treasurer, and Secretary has been completed; need a new Corresponding Secretary.

April 2017: The Thrift Shop sign was buried in the snow all winter. A more durable sign is needed. Town Meeting Bake Sale went well. July 4 fundraiser will be the next big event. Susan Nye from Image Magazine took photos and interviewed Executive Board members for an article in the summer edition highlighting ASC and other women’s organizations in the Sunapee area. Executive Board decided to purchase a heat pump from Ecolectric for the Thrift Shop. Approval of the proposal will be voted by the members at the May meeting. All scholarship applications were received and will be reviewed by committee on April 26. The Board decided to use photos of Andover by local photographers on note cards as a fundraiser. The 2017-2018 budget will increase donations to the community, and another scholarship can be added to the proposal. The heat pump will also be paid for in full. This proposal will be presented to members at the May meeting, and a vote of approval will be requested at the June luncheon.

May 2017: The Treasurer sent the last checks due to the community groups for this fiscal year. Copies of the proposed budget were passed out to members for review. Most contributions to the community have been doubled, the ACA has been added, as well as the AE/MS hot lunch program. Also, another scholarship may be added. Thrift Shop chair consulted with the library and police department regarding a sign at the driveway on Main Street. A unanimous vote of approval authorized the Treasurer to pay Ecolectric for the heat pump. Volunteers at the Thrift Shop were thrilled to finally have reliable heating and cooling in the shop. The slate of officers will be finalized at the June luncheon and an election held. This year four $1500 scholarships will be awarded. Members signed up for the luncheon. Art and craft show is moving along. Volunteers and a committee need to be formed for the show.

June 2017: The new heat pump has been installed at the Thrift Shop. Four outstanding applicants were each awarded $1500 scholarships at graduation. They were Olivia Beauregard, Anika Johnson, Cope Makechnie, and Jackueline Morris. July 4 fundraiser was all set and ready to go. Proctor Cakes fundraising chair had resigned and a new chair was needed. 17 spaces have been reserved for the Art and Craft Show. There are still 18 spaces left.

June 14: The annual June luncheon at 74 Main in New London was a gourmet delight, as usual. The business reports were given, the 2017-2018 budget was unanimously approved, as was the new slate of officers. They are: President Mary Ofenloch, Secretary Eileen Mackey, Treasurer Robin Boynton, 1st Vice President Mary Phinney, 2nd Vice President Evelyn Davis, Corresponding Secretary Meme Bowne, Assistant Treasurer Sandy Miller, and Past President Sandra Graves. A special presentation of $500 was given to ASC from Bank of America in honor of their employee, member Nancy Jacobson, who had volunteered 100 hours of her time to the Thrift Shop, July 4 fundraising, and other ASC events during the year. As this was Flag Day, the members ended the affair with a joyful rendition of You’re a Grand Old Flag.

ASC Thrift Shop on School Street is a major source of income for the scholarship program and financial support of community organizations. Shop hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10 AM to 4 PM, and Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM.

Community organizations supported by ASC were Andover Food Pantry, Andover After School Program, Andover Beacon, EAVP, Andover Children’s Christmas, Kearsarge COA, Highland Lake Grange Hall Restoration, Child and Family Services, Danbury School, and FNRT. Most important is the ASC Merit Scholarship Program. The total amount of donations to these groups was $1425 plus $6000 in scholarship awards for a grand total of $7425. Operating expenses for the year were $6091.

In the proposed 2017-2018 budget, donations for the community organizations have been substantially increased. AE/MS Hot Lunch Program and Andover Community Association have been added to the new budget. However, this is dependent upon loyal participation of the public and the support ASC has received from so many wonderful people in the community as well as the many businesses who support ASC in our mission to help and serve. We sincerely extend our gratitude and deep appreciation to everyone. We hope to continue serving for many years to come.

The ASC is a 501-C-3 registered, non-profit organization, therefore all donations are tax deductible.