July 4th Photo Contest Attracts Stunning Images of Andover

By Larry Chase
This photograph of Mt. Kearsarge, taken by Steve Colardeau on a cold and starry night, won both the popular vote and the Judges Choice Award, at this year’s second annual Independence Day Photo Contest sponsored by the Andover Institute.

The works of a talented group of local photographers drew lots of attention at this year’s second annual Independence Day Photo Contest, sponsored by the Andover Institute, with more than 270 ballots cast by parade goers on the Town Green on July 4th.

In the end, Steve Colardreau’s photograph of Mt. Kearsarge on a starry night, taken off of Shaw Hill Road, won both the popular vote and the Judge’s Choice Award. Cindy Benson took second place with her capture of the calm waters and boat dock on Elbow Pond. And Thomas Mackey’s image of Cascade Falls earned the third highest tally among the balloters.

“There was a lot of excitement in the air as people studied the photographs,” contest organizer Jay Fitzpatrick said. “They seemed to take their responsibilities as judges quite seriously. The public was invited to vote for a single image they felt was their favorite, and many expressed consternation at narrowing the vote down,” he added.

In all, 16 local photographers submitted 38 framed prints in the competition. “The quality of the entries was superb,” Fitzpatrick said.

Cindy Benson of Andover earned second place with her photo of this serene scene taken from the Proctor Boathouse on Elbow Pond.

Most of the photographs submitted will be on display at the Selectmen’s meeting room in the Andover Town Office Building through the end of August. Participants will also be invited to a social gathering to discuss the images and their creation.

Because of interest expressed by the public last year, each of the photographers will have an opportunity to offer their photos up for sale. The public is invited to visit the photo exhibit during regular town office hours, and contact the photographers directly if they are interested in making a purchase.

Thomas Mackey's image of Cascades Falls earned third place in the public balloting. Most of the photographs entered into the contest will be on display, and up for sale, at the Andover Town Office Building through the end of August.

The Andover Institute is a branch of the Andover Community Association and strives to bring people together to learn new things, gain new skills and have some fun as well. The Institute wishes to thank the three judges: Edibeth Farrington, Margo Coolidge, and Lorraine Keating who also took their job very seriously.

More technical information about the winning entries, including camera settings, dates, and times captured, etc., and photographers notes can be reviewed on the Institute’s Facebook Page: facebook.com/andoverinstitute03216.