Second Graders Create Non-Fiction Books

By Gretchen Hildebrand, AE/MS
Linden Morgan taught me about the immortal jellyfish.
Victoria Koron reads about Lipizzaner Stallions to Julianna Champagne.

The second graders of AE/MS spent their last weeks of school combining

researching in books and online- reading, writing, keyboarding, and

drawing-to create non-fiction hard cover books about topics that interested them.

Some of the topics were: How Chocolate Is Made, Giant Squids, Viperfish,

Sloths, Tigers, Cheetahs, The Harlem Hellfighters, Immortal Jellyfish,

Yeti Crabs, How the Titanic Sank, How the Titanic was Found, and many many

more! I learned so much from this project…and I think the students did, too.

Troy Smith researched Yeti Crabs
Addison Bickford reads to Samantha Upton about Koalas.