50 Years Ago in Andover: August 1967

Good old news from Andover, East Andover, West Andover, Cilleyville, and Potter Place gossip columns from the Franklin Journal Transcripts

Transcribed by Virginia S. Edwards

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin LaPlante, Sr. of Andover Road who were guests of honor at a surprise 40th Anniversary celebration dinner given by their children, and held at the Daniel Webster Inn. They were married September 8, 1927. The occasion was celebrated early as the whole family was here together on vacation for a week at Duchesne’s Bear Mountain Cave in Bristol.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fenton Jr., and son Leslie of Belfast, Maine spent Saturday with his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fenton Sr., and with her mother Mr. and Mrs. Don Buswell. Paul came to help celebrate his father’s birthday.

Wedding anniversary congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Barrett August 1, and to Mr. and Mrs. Amos Johnson on August 2.

Andover Kids meet New Hampshire. State Troopers: What have the youngsters in the Andover Head Start program been up to this year? Well, first they…but here is a direct report from the youngsters, passed along by their teacher, Mrs. Donald Piper of Tilton:

This week has been a lot of fun. First, we had a visit from a State Trooper who showed us everything he had in is car. He set off a flare for us to see, made his siren work, let us see the night stick, let us wear his hard helmet, and put some of us in handcuffs. Most of the little ones could wiggle out of the handcuffs, but when he put them on Mrs. Piper, there she stayed until he got his key out to unlock them.

We went on a field trip to the Hersey farm, too. You should have seen all of us sitting on the fence chewing a blade of grass talking to the cows. Everyone liked the baby calves best. On the way home from the farm we had our snacks at Highland Lake.

We took our big trip of the summer on Tuesday. Mrs. Ambeau, Mrs. Dwinal from Tilton, and Mrs. Piper took us by car to Steam Village in Gilford. We climbed aboard the train, and with a toot of the whistle, we were off. We had a complete ride around and then stopped for a picnic lunch at one of the picnic areas. After our lunch, we got back on the train for another ride while we sang “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” at the top of our lungs. The people who work there were very nice to us. Each of us got a railroad hat to wear on our trip, as well as postcards at the end.

From there we went to the airport just in time to see two airplanes take off. We were a little late starting for home, but our bus driver, Fred, was still waiting for us at the school.

Steven’s mother came to visit us at school this week. We enjoyed having her and thanked her for the cookies she brought us.

We just got used to reading our calendar and by gosh the month has changed. We all know that it is August now, and since we can read our numbers to ten at least these first 10 days will be easy to keep track of.

Good Old Days Prices:

1960 Jaguar type E $5990

1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer $2787

1962 Ford Galaxy Skyliner $3350

1963 Buick Riviera $4300

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza $2335

1965 Ford Thunderbird $4468

1966 Chrysler Barracuda $2862

1967 Chrysler Town & Country $4086

40 children, 17 helpers, and teachers were on hand the first day of Bible School Monday morning. The teachers and helpers are: Nursery: Mrs. Sandy Miller, Cheryl Downes, Rondi Parris, and Dawn Osborne. Kindergarten: Mrs. Eldora Walker, Mrs. Janet Cloutier, and Karen Phelps. Primary: Mrs. Nancy Barrett, Donna Fairbanks, Marjorie MacDonald, and Thea Shanalaris. Juniors: Mrs. Ellen Osborne, Mrs. Robert Peters, Ann Ireland, and Ginger Tornis. Games: Mrs. Beth Frost and Tina Lafiosca. Rev. Hadley led the devotions and helped with singing. All children were welcomed.

Much sympathy goes to Arthur Andrews of New London, formerly of Andover, on the death of his father, Ernest Andrews of Arlington, Massachusetts, and to his granddaughter, Mrs. Clayton Miller, and family of New London, and his nephew, Gerald Walker, of town.

Word has been received of the death of Mrs. N. Charles Emerson ‘‘Edith Hersey’’ July 26 at her home in Pasadena, CA. Edith had just turned 90 years old July 18. Much sympathy goes to the relatives.

“In the News, August 1967”

August 2: U.S. Lunar Orbiter 5 launched, enters lunar orbit August 5.

The 2nd Blackwell Tunnel opens in Greenwich, London, England.

August 3: 45 thousand U.S. soldiers sent to Vietnam.

August 4: U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada test site.

August 5: Bobbie Gentry releases her only hit “Ode to Billy Joe”

August 1967 Facts:

President: Lyndon Baines Johnson

1st Class stamp: 0.5 cents

Vice President: Hubert H. Humphrey

Inflation: 33.4%

U.S. Population: 198,712,056

Unemployment: 3.8%

Federal Spending: $157.46 Billion

Median house hold income $7,143

“In the News, August 1967”

August 11: Al Downing becomes 12th strike-out side on 9 pitches

August 12: New Orleans Saints 1st pre-season victory, beat St. Louis 23 to 14

August 14: Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, Congo, Africa, plundered.

August 15: Pope Paul Vl publishes Constitution Regimini Ecclesiae Universae

August16: Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney retires 9 Pirates, then gets injured.

James B. Hersey Jr., 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hersey of East Andover, completed six weeks off Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps summer camp at Ft. Devens Ma., July 28th. He is also a student at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. Upon completion of academic requirements for a degree at the college, he will be commissioned a second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Training was given in use of weapons, field communications, map and compass reading, first aid and other military subjects necessary to be an Army Officer.

Attending the 70th annual reunion of Gilman and Hannah Hersey, Saturday at the grove in Hill Village, were 45 members, including 20 children. Several New Hampshire towns were represented as were the states of Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts. The oldest member present was Ellen Hersey Taylor, of East Andover, who was the only person who attended the first reunion in 1897, and the youngest was Lisa Jane, 17 month old daughter of Robert and Rita (LaPlante) Norander of Westwood, Massachusetts.

Gilman Hersey, the common forbear of those attending, was born in 1798 and settled in the west part of Hill in 1826. He was a representative of Hill in the House of Representatives in 1851-1852, and afterwards a Selectman for two years. His descendants are scattered throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Top 10 on the POP Music Countdown:

1) A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum

2) All You Need is Love – The Beatles

3) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – The Buckinghams   

4) Pleasant Valley Sunday – The Monkees

5) Light My Fire – The Doors

6) Don’t Let the Rain Fall Down on Me – The Critters

7) Windy – The Association

8) My Mammy – The Happening

9) Ode to Billy Joe – Bobbie Gentry

10) Baby I Love You – Aretha Franklin

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stickney on their 49th wedding anniversary August 17.

Marsha Kimball came in third for Queen at New London Hospital Days. We are very proud Andover came so close. Milton Quartz received the bicycle that Andover donated to help raise money for the Hospital. They also held two food sales and a car wash, and all donations came to the total of $1048 from the town of Andover for New London Hospital.

Francis Carney returned home from Franklin Hospital Monday. He got a piece of steel in his leg while running the lawn mower.

August 9, Lisa Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donal Miller celebrated her 7th birthday with a party. Guests included Ann Hoyt, Bonnie Ireland, Toni Keyser, Douglas Phelps, Theda and Bobbie Waldo, Tracie, Terri, Trisha Walker, Brenda, Kathy, Sharie, Brian and Brett Bliss, Melanie, Penny, Mike Hunter, Patty French, Mrs. Sharon Waldo, Mrs. Donald Bliss and Mrs. Donna Walker.

Wedding Anniversary congratulations go out to Mr. and Mrs. William George on August 16th, and to Mr. and Mrs. Dale McLeod on August 25th.

Much sympathy goes to the William Thomas family. Mr. Thomas passed away in the New London Hospital this past week. Burial was in Lakeside Cemetery. Mr. Thomas is the father of Mrs. Leo Guptil.

Committal services for Mrs. Edith Hersey Emerson, 90, who passed away in Pasadena, CA on July 26, were held August 21 at Lakeside Cemetery. Rev. Theodore B. Hadley officiated. Mrs. Emerson formerly of the Tucker Mountain section here. She had lived in California for 40 years She was the widow of Charles Emerson. The H. L. Young Memorial Home of Franklin was in charge of the arrangements.

Pfc. Wayman Ordway left Tuesday for his base in Fort Hood, Texas after spending 30 days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perley Ordway. His folks drove him to Logan Airport where he took a plane to Texas. Be safe.

Wedding Anniversary congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. William ‘‘Ted’’ Walker on August 20.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leon Locke Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Locke Sr. of town. Walter married Linda Hall Wardle of Alexandria, in the Alexandria Village Church on Saturday, August 19 .

Wedding anniversary congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Currier on August 29th.

Murray Smith Jr. is at Camp Drum, New York for two weeks with the 368 Battalion of Laconia. Murry is in the reserves.

FN ‘‘SS’’ Albert Hoyt Jr. of New London, CT, is home on a furlough August 31. He surprised his folks, as he has been on duty for three months without having a leave.

Wedding anniversary congratulations go to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hersey on September 1.