Never Forget

By Jane Slayton, AE/MS Principle
Never Forget essay winners stand with Mr. Leber after receiving their hats. Left to right – Mr. William Leber, Logan Smith, Lily Menard, Triana Caron, Miles Hurlbutt, Brandon Dukette, Violet Kraft Lund Marley, and Ms. Philbrook Caption and Photo: Jane Slayton

AE/MS middle school social studies classes focus on two important dates every fall. It is important that our students understand the significance of December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. These two dates will always be remembered as devastating enemy attacks on US soil. Students can learn so much from history.

Students in grades 6-8 had the opportunity to write a response on the topic; Never Forget. Two students per grade were chosen for their response.

Grade 6: Miles Hurlbutt and Violet Kraft Lund Marley

Grade 7: Brandon Dukette and Triana Caron

Grade 8: Lily Menard and Logan Smith

As Triana stated, “We should never forget these events because history might repeat itself.”

Miles suggested “People should go to memorials like 9/11 so that they remember all the first responders who helped to save so many lives.”

Logan’s response focused on learning from these events, making improvements in security, and not letting our guard down.

Lily noted that acts of terror leave marks on your soul that are hard to forget. Lily also tied it closer to home and mentioned that American flags are raised atop all 48 four-thousand foot and higher mountains in New Hampshire every year on September 11th. This is done as a show of support to the families who suffered great loss.

Violet suggested remembering history by talking with friends and family members about the attacks and flying a flag at half staff at home.

Brandon chose to write about the brave men and women who were killed far too early in their lives. He suggested raising a flag in his yard for people to notice and appreciate.

AE/MS appreciates Mr. Bill Leber and his coordination of this remembrance every fall. “Never Forget” ball caps are presented by Mr. Leber to the essay winners. This has become an important tradition for AE/MS social studies classes.