Andover Town Clerk News

By Joanna Sumner, Town Clerk

Our office will be closed on October 9th and 10th as the State DMV will be unable to process motor vehicle registrations while they are upgrading their new driver licensing system.

We will be closed again on October the 18th, 19th, and 20th , as Bonnie will be on vacation and Joanna will be at a tax collectors conference in North Conway. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience for you.

The new inspection stickers will go into effect in October. They will be placed in the lower left side of the windshield. The new inspection stickers will be red, 2 ½ x 4 inches, with the month and year on them. The reason the inspection stickers and their placement have changed is that the crash avoidance lane assist technology in new vehicles was placed where the inspection sticker had been.

Decal Plates: Decal Plates became available in July of this year. The new plate resembles the regular New Hampshire passenger plate but they include a 3” x 3” blank square on the left side of the plate. This allows for the placement of a special decal. The decals can be purchased from a 501©(3) organization authorized to sell decals. The plates are $15 and the decals are purchased separately.

The “Moose Plate” New Hampshire’s popular Conservation and Heritage License Plate has reached a sales milestone in the recently ended fiscal year. Over the program’s lifetime, more than $20 million have been raised.

Funds from the Moose Plate support a wide variety of conservation and preservation programs including planting wildflowers along New Hampshire highways, studying threatened plant and animal species, securing conservation easements and preserving publicly owned historic properties. Every dollar raised through the Moose Plate goes directly to supporting designated programs in New Hampshire.