FNRT-MC Launches New Year at Annual Meeting

By George Heaton

This year, the required annual meeting of the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail–Merrimack County was held on September 20 at the Highland Lake Inn, in East Andover. Co-President, Lindy Heim, called the meeting to order and Vice-President, Alex Bernhard, conducted the election of officers and directors for the coming year, with the following results quickly and unanimously achieved.

Officers: Co-President(s): Lindy Heim, of Wilmot; Myra Mayman, of Andover; Vice President: Alex Bernhard, of Andover; Treasurer: Steve Darling, of Andover; Secretary: Myra Mayman, of Andover; Recording Secretary: George Heaton, of Danbury.

Other Board Members: Tom Frantz, Chris Norris, Peter Southworth, all of Andover; Craig Heim, of Wilmot; Charles Martin, of New London; Jack Shields, of Penacook; and Nita Tomaszewski, of Franklin.

Immediately after the business meeting, Innkeepers Gail and Pecco Beaufays hosted a joyful and delicious potluck supper for the many friends of the Trail at the Andover Barn event center at the Highland Lake Inn.

The Board is gratified to have witnessed a year in which the Trail has been very well used and in which many maintenance projects have improved it. We look forward to more of same in the coming year, as many projects are underway.

We encourage the public to attend our meetings (which are always open and the results published) to inform us of any matters concerning the Trail, to contribute in all ways that they can, and above all to use the Northern Rail Trail.

Future Dates of Note: Saturday, October 7 from 9 AM to Noon, FNRT-MC travelling info booth on Carr Field, in Andover during the New Hampshire Special Olympics Family Fun Day event. Food, fun, and activities for families.

Sunday, October 8 will be the Annual Peter Crowell Ride, a fun bike ride in memory of past board member, Peter Oren Crowell of New London, who played a central role in constructing the Northern Rail Trail, and who is missed by his friends. The ride starts at 10 AM, at Potter Place Trailhead rain or shine.

Wednesday, October 18 will be the next board meeting, at 7 PM, at the First Congregational Church located at 19 N. Wilmot Rd., in Wilmot.