Conservation Committee Minutes July 12, 2017

Condensed from approved minutes:

The regular monthly meeting of the ACC was opened by Vice-Chair Jerry Hersey at 7:15 PM at the Town Hall.

Members Present: Jesse Schust, Jerry Hersey, Nan Kaplan (Alan McIntyre and Tina Cotton arrived later).

June 14 Minutes: Approved as written.

Correspondence: Chatter, Supply Lines, Monitoring Reports from ALPT.


         Nan reported on the use of drones in monitoring properties over 100 acres

         the presentations of Amanda Stone (UNHExt) and Emily Preston (Fish & Game) on the WAP update,                               Climate Change Workshop as a co-sponsor with Colby Sawyer College on Sept. 21

         Water-Wildlife Video produced by a Danbury resident.


Action Items:

Co-Occurrence Map for Andover: Harvey Pine (CSC) will be working with Alan and the ACC. He will be updating the co-occurrence map.

Chasing Ice Movie: Jesse reported no action to date.

Tick Control Presentation: Jesse plans to contact Allen Eaton for a possible Fall meeting.

Bradley Lake Logging: Wetlands Bureau hasn’t signed off yet. We have some concern about the crossing and access road. A site visit is being considered to make sure there is no alteration of the land.

Culverts: No action.

Tree City: Alan will speak with Dave Pilla about continuation of Tree City program in Andover. Also discussed were the oak trees at Lakeview Cemetery.

DOT and Beaver Deceivers: No action with the DOT. Nan reported that Skip Lisle has recently done more work and repair at the Elbow Pond site. He also now has a contact with an individual in Wilmot, as well as with the WCC, and they are moving forward with a project.

A visitor, Stan Boyd-Robertson, joined the group at this point and stayed for the remainder of the meeting; he was interested in discussion on the Bradley Lake logging.

Website: Alan outlined his progress to date. He had produced an excellent flyer to post regarding this meeting. He would like help to determine what content to put on the Website, such as members’ profiles, the NRI, info for new builders regarding wetlands, invasive species, etc. Jesse suggested links to other resources, such as the DES.

Bridge Inspection: Tina, Jesse, and Nan had inspected two bridges that the DOT is to repair, one on Route 11 near the blinker light and the other on Route 4 below the junction of 4/11 heading south. There was no sign of invasives or wetlands near the sites. A long-term drain was noticed at the Route 4 site used to empty drain water from the road surface into the Blackwater River. Tina noted this in her reply to the firm hired by the DOT, McFarland Johnson (Concord).

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM