Disappointed With Legislative Committee Hearing

By Liz Gabert, Bedford, NH

Being relatively new to New Hampshire state issues, I decided to attend a NH Joint Legislative Committee hearing in Concord recently regarding the push to provide transgender reassignment surgeries to NH Medicaid recipients, both adult and children.

I was both amazed and appalled at what I witnessed. Amazed at the amount of time allowed for concerned citizens to testify for or against the issue. Appalled by the utter disregard and indifference towards these citizens by the committee and specifically by the committee Chairman, State Senator John Reagan (R-Deerfield).

The citizen speakers were many and diverse. But there were two Medicaid mothers who shared some truly heartbreaking stories about their either severely disabled or sick children whom they fight for daily, whether for Medicaid funding and/or services. Other witnesses had come with prepared statements as they were clearly nervous about speaking. Senator Reagan called each witness by name and once they were finished did nothing to acknowledge or thank them in any way whether individually or collectively. These people, I have no doubt, felt they had wasted their valuable time in coming and speaking to the committee.

Additionally, as a Conservative woman, mother and now activist, I was very disappointed by Republican Senator Reagan’s vote FOR the rule change which now allows NH Medicaid recipients of all ages to receive transgender surgeries courtesy of NH taxpayers.  As Conservatives, we stand for fiscal responsibility and limited government. We fight intensely against our inept government controlling our lives and most importantly our healthcare!  Just look at the devastating impacts within the VA, Medicaid and Obamacare systems! As a Republican, Senator Reagan’s vote to expand Medicaid coverage of transgender surgeries on the backs of the NH taxpayer, to the detriment of the basic needs of the truly sick and disabled,  is shameful!  


Bedford, NH