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Light up your Neighborhood

Press Release

WCA Sponsors ‘Light Up Your Neighborhood’

The Wilmot Community Association (WCA) is encouraging everyone to add a little sparkle to the town during the holidays. Beginning Thanksgiving weekend and running through the holidays to Monday, January 5, the WCA is sponsoring “Light Up Your Neighborhood.”

Winter in Wilmot, NH.

Holiday lights and decorations are part of the magic of the season. “Several neighborhoods are well known for their fabulous light displays,” said Ann Davis, WCA board member. “This year we hope more people will join the fun!”

“Light Up Your Neighborhood” is not a contest. However, the WCA will announce the sections of road with holiday displays on its website and Facebook page. “When I was a kid, my mom and dad loaded us in the back of the station wagon every December for a lights tour. We drove all over town, looking for the best lights. The WCA would like to make it easy for residents and visitors to find your displays,” says Susan Nye, WCA administrator.

If your neighborhood plans to participate, let us know with an email detailing the section of road(s) to wca@nulltds.net. Please send your information no later than December 1. Photographs are welcome.

Founded in 1963, The WCA promotes, organizes, and provides facilities for educational, social and recreational activities in Wilmot. The organization owns and operates the Red Barn, a community center, and Timothy Patten Park, a beach and playground.

The WCA’s office at 64 Village Road, Wilmot, is open from 9 AM to noon Mondays through Wednesdays and by appointment. For more information about “Light Up Your Neighborhood” please check the website, WilmotWCA.org, or follow the WCA on Facebook.