Planning Board Approved Minutes 10/24/17

Condensed from approved minutes:




October 24, 2017

Members Present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Randall Costa, Vice-Chair; Paul Currier; Art Urie; Jon Warzocha; Doug Phelps; and David Blinn, Ex-Officio

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Dave Powers, Zoning Administrator; Pat Moyer, Zoning & Planning Coordinator; Brian MacKenzie; AJ Giglio; Anna Warzocha

Minutes of October 10, 2017

Currier – Motion to approve as amended

Urie – Second

Vote – Unanimous

Non-Binding Consultation: 4 Mill Road –Brian MacKenzie and AJ Giglio – Operate a Restaurant.  Property is in the Agricultural / Residential Zone and Forest/ Agricultural Zone

MacKenzie and Giglio presented property plans.  Proposed changes are to reface the building; relocate the entrance to the side facing Route 11 to include a sidewalk and handicap parking spaces; change the septic tank to a larger tank with a new leach field.  Powers stated that the flood line may have changed and Giglio will research this.  Giglio stated there was a concern as to where to locate the new well and Warzocha recommended they contact DES.   There is a potential for a total of forty-five parking spaces.  It was asked what the extent of renovations would be and the response was there would be no structural changes; there would be new flooring, removing the ceiling, creating a bathroom group.  Site suitability is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and they will need a complete Special Exception application in order to do the site suitability. The board also advised that they will need a letter from the current property owner authorizing the applicants to act as his agent.

Announcements / Correspondence

.   There will be no Planning Board meeting on December 26, 2017.

  Verizon is on the Zoning Board agenda for November 21, 2017.

Pat Moyer – Planning / Zoning Coordinator

.   The Planning Board will review and update procedures for public hearings and incorporate them into the Planning Board Rules of Procedures.

  Moyer will provide hard copies of all revised Planning Board forms to the board members.

  Richard Mandrey contacted Pat as he is contemplating an ADU and Pat advised Mandrey will need to review the ADU article.

Dave Blinn – Selectboard

.   Reported on discussion of Highland Lake drawdown.

  The Selectboard is reviewing the transfer station traffic pattern as well as rates.

Additional Items for Consideration

The meeting of November 14, 2017 will include review of the Zoning Ordinance Preamble; Site Suitability for AJ Giglio and Brian MacKenzie; Rewrite of the Special Exception and the Planning Board’s role; No home on Class VI roads.

There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:455p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Meier, Recording Secretary