Andover Recreation Committee Minutes, November 14, 2017

By Scott Allenby

Condensed from approved minutes:

Members Present: : Alan Hanscom, Tom Frantz, Brian Reynolds, Sue Norris, Heidi Murphy, Jen Hauser, Scott Allenby, Chris Cloutier

Treasurer’s Report: Alan Hanscom

2018 Budget to be submitted to Board of Selectmen.

Basketball Budget: Working with ICB Basketball to clarify cost they are charging per student. All fees included in this charge, which saves the town money in the end.  We have 47 kids in Grades 3-6 playing ICB and will need to cut check to ICB to cover those costs. Tom/Alan will process the funds and get ICB a check to cover fees

Ski Program: Need to provide 50% deposit to Ragged Mountain for the ski program this winter. Transportation budget will be around the same as previous years assuming gas prices are steady.

Soccer: Looking at costs spent this past season and where we can continue to cut costs moving forward.

Building Maintenance: The building maintenance has not been on our budget in the past, but the costs are coming out of the Recreation  Committee’s budget, so we need to be sure we are clarifying where this money is coming from and who is responsible for it.

Program Update:

Basketball: Everything off and running well. More than 70 kids signed up including 23 1st and 2nd graders, 28 3rd and 4th graders, and 19 5th and 6th graders. The one issue we worked to process earlier this fall was the desire of the middle school coaches to bring up some sixth graders to play on their teams. The Recreation Committee’s recommendation and standing policy is that kids can only play up when there is a numbers issue on the team above. This was not the case this fall, but AEMS and the middle school coaches decided to pull kids up anyway. This decision is outside the Recreation Committee’s jurisdiction, but hurts the recreation basketball teams in the end.

Skiing: about 90 kids signed up for now. The program starts January 5 and when we close out the registration, we can send home a note that if people do not have forms submitted, they will need to go to Ragged to complete forms and billing individually.

Skating Rink: We have the money for new liner for the rink and will be in touch soon about getting the rink down this year. Ordering new shed/storage building to have next to the rink – 8’x8’ building.

Building: Policy Use and Keys

Postponed conversation on keys and access until the spring. Cost of field maintenance – we want to split with baseball since Town owns the field, but baseball primarily uses the infield, etc. The Recreation Committee is happy to pay for aeration of the field and to split the cost of maintaining the infield, but need better coordination with baseball moving forward. Having representation at Recreation Committee from baseball will be critical going forward and we thank Chris Cloutier for attending tonight’s meeting and desiring to join the committee.

Other Business

: Blackwater Park Playground conversation – a few volunteers are excited to get involved, but we have postponed conversation until December meeting.

The Committee has voted to have Chris Cloutier join the Recreation Committee – all voted in favor.