Andover Conservation Commission October Minutes

Andover Conservation Commission

October 11, 2017, 7PM

Draft Minutes

Present: Mary Anne Broshek, Nan Kaplan, Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Larry Chase, Jesse Schust, and guests Andrew and Holly Croteau.

Minutes: Jerry made a motion to approve the September minutes with small corrections/additions, Nan seconded, and all were in favor.


Notice of NHACC conference on November 4.

Letter from Barry Conservation Camp and thank you note from Andrew Croteau.

DES approval of Wetlands Minimum Impact Forestry Notification for MapLot 6, 540 388 (property bordering Bradley Lake) with revised authorization end date of September 13, 2019.

DOT Andover Bridge Rehab notification – Bridge # 044-088 and Bridge #120/092 – note that Tina, Jesse and Nan conducted a site visit of these bridges as recorded in the July 2017 minutes.

ASLPT invitation to 30th Annual meeting on October 22 at 3:00 p.m.

UNH Cooperative Extension information on emerald ash borer – given to Town Clerk for posting at town hall.

ASLPT: New trustees were introduced at the October 22nd Annual Meeting.  On November 16th, a Wildlife Action Plan talk will be held.  Tim Fleury is working on cataloguing all town forest land.  On October 19th, ASLPT will host a Chairs meeting for the conservation commissions within the ASLPT area.

Andrew and Holly Croteau, Presentation of Barry Camp experience: Andrew Croteau attended the Barry this year with support from the Andover Conservation Commission. He learned a number of new outdoors skills and had a very positive experience.  Note: The camp is operated by Fish and Game in partnership with 4-H (through UNH Cooperative Extension).

Beaver Deceivers and RSA 210:9: We discussed State law and noted that it may lead to confusion as to permitting.  We all agreed that the law suggests that no permit is required for installing a beaver deceiver and we have decided to check with DES for confirmation of this interpretation.

Bradley Lake logging update from Jason Aube: Jason will be checking that the haul road across White/Bendixen property meets State requirements.  After significant rainfall, it may be worth checking the lake near the haul road to determine whether there is erosion – indicated by turbidity of the water, due to sediment.  Questions were raised about whether the bridge over the lake dam or the bridge at the far end of the lake (private property) is suitable for the large weight of the logging equipment.  Jesse will check with the Road Agent about the bridge over the lake dam and will find out how it will be checked and protected.  Mary Anne will check about the far bridge.

Bog Pond update: We discussed the possibilities for eventual conservation easements on land adjacent to Bog Pond.  We discussed the need to place permanent markers indicating the wetland boundary as mapped by Earle Chase.  Jesse will look into options for getting posts for the markers.  Perhaps the Andover Highway Department can assist with sourcing these?).  The proposed Verizon cell tower is planned for the hill near Bog Pond.  Planning Board met on September 26th and determined that the placement of the cell tower was appropriate.  The Zoning Board will meet to review variance requests.  Mary Anne noted the area had importance as a potential wildlife corridor that linked to Bog Pond.

Monitoring: There are new reports of continued ATV traffic impact on the Newman/McKenna easement.  We will look into this.

Other Business:

There will be a Tick talk on October 12th at Wilmot WCA.

Jerry made a motion to adjourn, Tina seconded and all were in favor.  The meeting adjourned at 9pm.