Selectboard Approved Minutes, November 20,2017

Condensed from approved minutes:

Meeting convened at 6:33 p.m.

Members Present: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Selectboard Chair; Dave Blinn and Jim Delaney, Select Board; John Thompson, Road Agent; Wood Sutton and Doug Phelps, 4th of July Committee; Greg Stetson, Fire Precinct Commissioner; and Chief Joseph Mahoney


  •         Glenn Laramie has retired from the Andover Police Department.
  •         Sergeant Joseph Mahoney has been promoted to Andover Police Chief.

Road Agent Report:

  •         The one-ton is ready for use and the big truck is now ready for snow.
  •         All the patch work is completed
  •         Proctor Cemetery –  leaf blowing and clean up for winter is almost completed.
  •         Kearsarge Mountain Road Bridge Update– the footings and concrete were poured last Thursday and they are working on finishing the bridge.
  •         Morrill Hill Road Bridge Update–  the project is going as well as can be expected. The first footings poured need to be replaced due to the stormwater flooding. This was something that could not be predicted.
  •         Maple Street culvert – Roy received a call from Mr. Lafiosca concerning  when the culvert work will be completed. He is concerned that if it doesn’t get done soon when spring comes there will be more issues. Thompson indicated that it will be taken care of by the end of next week, the week after Thanksgiving. Thompson questioned whether the Lafiocsa’s fence can be removed to get back to the area to work on. Thompson is willing to help with the fence. Roy will contact Lafiosca.
  •         Elbow Pond Road–  Due to the condition of this road, Thompson needs a place to turn around the plow trucks. Thompson suggested having the turnaround at Andy Prokosch’s. After discussion, the Board will schedule an on-site meeting with Prokosch. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for either before or after their work session on Monday, November 27, 2017 at 9:30 AM. dependent upon the availability of the Prokosch’s . Roy will contact the Prokosch’s
  •         Signs – Roy asked Thompson about getting some E-2 signs. Thompson indicated that we also need three stop signs. Thompson questioned whether the signs can be picked up at the same place they are ordered because when they get ordered, it seems like it takes a long time to get them. If someone can pick them up directly from their stock, that would work out better than waiting for the signs. Roy agreed that the place has stock signs but is unsure what types of signs are stocked.
  •         Old College Road – Thompson is willing to meet with these residents after the first of the year for a question and answer time. At that time the residents can offer their opinions as to how they want the road finished.  
  •         Tahoe Registration – Roy will take care of getting this vehicle registered with the Town Clerk.  The vehicle also needs Town of Andover magnetic stickers.

Town Administrator Report:

  •         Transfer Station – Jeff Hayes, from the Lakes Regional Planning Commission, contacted Roy. Hayes thought he had a resource for Andover to help with redesigning the Transfer Station. However, that did not work out but he thinks he has another option.

 There is a Construction and Demolition round table discussion tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2017.  The time has not been determined as of tonight’s meeting.

  Roy received a lot of information from other towns about accepting construction debris at their transfer stations. Roy will give the Board a spreadsheet at the next work session.

  •         Winter Maintenance Ordinance and Policy – These will be on the Town Website and in the next Beacon edition.
  •         Pre-disaster Grant – The Town was awarded the pre-disaster grant. The federal portion is $6,000.00. This will update our hazard mitigation plan.
  •         Lion’s Club – decided to re-open the food pantry at Town Hall. It will be opened on Wednesdays from 10  to 12:00 PM. only. Everyone will need to show a photo ID and live in Andover, Salisbury, Danbury or Wilmot to receive food. The Lion’s Club will have their own person monitoring the food pantry during that time period.

Blinn was very concerned that the Lion’s Club did not come back to the Board and just reopened the food pantry without any pre-notification to the Town. It appears they are adhering to the suggested guideline, but he is not pleased that they just showed up unannounced without consulting with the Board as agreed.   

New Business:       

 Tax Rates are as follows:

Base rate=$22.86    Andover=$23.52           East Andover=$23,28                             This will be the last year that there is a different tax rate between Andover and East Andover. Starting next year there will only be one tax rate.


  4th Of July Budget: *Please see attached                                                                                                                                        Wood Sutton as treasurer has kept track of the financial records. Last year was the first year that the committee requested with a warrant article $10, 000 for the 4th of July. This year, because they are a town department, they would like to have that money in a line item. After discussion and review of the budget presented, the Board agreed it look fine and can be considered by the Budget Committee.

Phelps and Sutton also discussed improvement of child-friendly games to increase the attention of children attending the event.


  •         Fire Precinct Commissioners – At last town meeting, the Town voted to dissolve the East Andover Fire Precinct. There are three potential properties that the East Andover Precinct own that need to be transferred to Andover. After doing some research, two of the three properties are to revert back to the Town if the East Andover Fire Precinct ceases to exist.

Properties involved are as follows:

 23 Channel Road – the deed states that this property, if the East Andover Fire Precinct dissolves, shall revert back to the Town

  Channel and Maple Roads (the old fire station) – same as above

  The third property is the boat ramp. The deed has not been found for this property but the research is underway. A warrant article will be drafted for it to be the property of Andover. This has a separate map and lot number on the tax map.

Stetson will draft the warrant article and send it to Roy. These will all be effective after January 1, 2018.

        Terra-Map Mapping Services – this is a division of Avitar. The information is in the packets Roy provided the Board for their review prior to the work session on Monday, November 27, 2017 at 9:30 AM. The Board will discuss this and other options at the work session.

  •         Roy also included the overall budget in the Boards packet for their review in preparation of the November 27th work session.

        Town Administrator Office – Roy’s office has a new combo lock on her office door.

        Birds Eye View –  instead of meeting with the Board tonight, they rescheduled for the December 4, 2017 meeting.

  •         The Service Club – requested to meet tonight. However, this morning they opted out until a future date is scheduled. The Service Club indicated they were notified in an untimely manner.

Approval of Minutes:

Mishcon made the motion to approve the Minutes of October 2, 2017. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of October 2, 2017 are approved.

Mishcon made the motion to approve the Minutes of October 16, 2017. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of October 16, 2017 are approved.

Mishcon made the motion to approve the Minutes of November 6, 2017. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Minutes of November 6, 2017 are approved.

Correspondence /Signatures

  •         Intent to cut – Bardsley. All three board members signed
  •         NH State Police Standards Employee Status Forms – Notification that Glenn Laramie retired from Andover Police Department and Sergeant Joseph Mahoney’s promotion to Andover Chief of Police. Delaney made the motion that Mishcon sign the form. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Mishcon signed the form for the Board.
  •         Sanders Searches LLC Contract – The Title search person who has worked for the last six to seven years with the Tax Collector when she liens or deeds a property. All three Board members signed the contract
  •         DRA – 2017 Equalization Municipal Data Certificate –  the preliminary rate is $96.56

Non-Public Session

Moyer was excused for this Non-Public Session by the Board at 8:00 PM. The Board entered into non-public session at 8:00 PM. by roll call vote.

Mishcon: Yes                                                  Blinn: Yes                                                          Delaney: Yes


Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM. per Select Board

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary