Scott Sharrard and Brickyard Band at the Flying Monkey

Lead guitarist for Gregg Allman Band

Press release


Scott Sharrard former lead guitarist and musical director of the Gregg Allman Band will be at the Flying Monkey with his Brickyard Band on January 13.

Former lead guitarist and musical director of the Gregg Allman Band brings his blues rock to The Flying Monkey stage on Saturday, January 13th at 6:30pm.  Tickets for this show start at $25.
Sometimes a creative career just seems like destiny fulfilled. Scott Sharrard grew up in the upper Midwest with a guitar-player father who took his son to see the likes of the Allman Brothers Band, passing on a love of that style of blues-inflected, six-stringy rock. Fast-forward some years and, lo and behold, Sharrard found himself the musical director for a living legend.
Sharrard is the former lead guitarist and musical director for the Gregg Allman Band. He toured the World with Allman, before pulling together the Brickyard Band as a side project when Allman was not on the road.
“The instrument brings something out of everyone who touches it because of its connection to Duane. And when any of us touch it, it’s like having a conversation with the instrument. I think that’s special,” expressed Sharrard about a recording session in Muscle Shoals. “When you play that instrument with Gregg Allman’s voice, that is a very rare opportunity. When you put that guitar in the bridge pick-up – that was sort of Duane’s sound on those first records – and when you put the glass slide on and when you start going back and forth with Gregg Allman on “Trouble No More,” that, for me, was the spine-tingling moment.”
Sharrard long ago adopted Gregg Allman’s motto that “one true note can slice every heart.” He will slice hearts on January 13th when he and his Brickyard Band play the Flying Monkey in Plymouth. His live repertoire includes “Love Like Kerosene,” which he wrote with Allman; Allman’s “Win, Lose or Draw,” which he played live for the first time 13 days after Allman’s death, and his own “Words Can’t Say,” which he recorded for his unreleased album “Saving Grace,” which features renowned session men from the legendary Muscle Shoals studio and Hi Records, the legendary soul label.
One can expect an exceptional night of musicianship.
Gregg Allman once said about Sharrard, “I know all about guitar players-I’ve seen the very best-and Scott Sharrard is the perfect guitarist for my band. He understands that you don’t need to play just for the sake of playing; Scott isn’t one of those guys who thinks they get paid by the note. He never steps on the vocals, and he leaves plenty of room for everyone else to do their thing, but when it’s time to solo, Scott delivers, boy.”
Tickets to see Scott Sharrard & The Brickyard Band are $25, and $35 for premier seating.  For more information on upcoming shows or to purchase tickets call the box office at 603-536-2551 or go online at