County Republican Chair Reacts to Sentencing of State Representative

Assault took place during election recount

Press release

 Merrimack County Republican Committee chair Karen Testerman has reacted to a recent plea deal involving Concord State Representative Katherine Rogers and a misdemeanor assault charge.
“It's appalling  that the  leadership of the Democrat Party,  namely Chairman Ray Buckley and House Minority  Leader Steve Shurtleff, would seemingly condone a party member assaulting a member of the public,” said Testerman in a formal statement.  “Instead of supporting Ms. Rogers, the Democrat leadership should be calling for her resignation. Such behavior by an elected official is particularly unacceptable. I call upon Mr. Buckley and Mr. Shurtleff to condemn this violence.”   
Rogers' case was adjudicated in Concord District Court on Dec. 22. Rogers' $1,000 fine was suspended pending good behavior and the completion of an anger management class.
The charge involved an incident from November of 2016 during a state senate race recount.  Susan Olsen was volunteering as a Republican observer to watch the recount between incumbent Democrat Andrew Hosmer and Republican Harold French.
Olsen was allegedly sitting next to Rogers when Olsen asked Rogers to make the ballots easier to see. Olsen claimed that was when Rogers grabbed her and hit her on the side of her head.
Rogers is serving her sixth term as a state representative for Concord Wards 8-10.