2018 New Hampshire Fishing and Hunting Licenses Available

Press Release

CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire fishing and hunting licenses for 2018 are now available. Purchase yours and get set for a WILD year of outdoor adventure, from ice fishing this winter to bagging your deer next fall. Licenses are good for the calendar year, from January 1 through December 31, 2018. Purchase online at www.nhfishandgame.com, at the N.H. Fish and Game Department in Concord, or from Fish and Game license agents across the state.

Your annual hunting or fishing license — or, best of all, your “combo” license — is your year-round ticket to New Hampshire's great outdoors. Seacoast anglers need a saltwater recreational fishing license to fish in coastal or estuarine waters.

When you get your new license, be sure to check out the 2018 New Hampshire Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing digests, which are off the press. Read them online right now at www.fishnh.com/fishing/publications.html, or pick up a copy at license agents or Fish and Game Department offices. These handy publications include summaries of important fishing rules and regulations, photos for identifying fish, and more.

New this year, for those New Hampshire residents who have been issued a new driver’s license number with the new numbering format, you must search for your record using either a previous NH Fish and Game license number or NH Hunter Education certificate number from the year 2000 or later.  After you have successfully updated your profile record, you will be able to search for your record using the new number. The NH Fish and Game Department does not have access to the Department of Safety database and cannot update your record for you.

For hunters and anglers concerned about maintaining access to pursue their sports, the $10 Wildlife Legacy donation provides an opportunity to support Fish and Game Landowner Relations Program, which works in partnership with hunters, anglers, and landowners to maintain hunting and fishing access to private lands. Learn more at www.wildnh.com/landshare/donate.html.

Hikers, climbers, backcountry skiers, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to purchase or renew their voluntary annual Hike Safe Card for 2018. Card sales help ensure that NH Fish and Game Law Enforcement Conservation Officers, trained in wilderness rescue, are there to come to your aid. The card also exempts the holder from certain liability for repaying search and rescue costs. Those holding a current New Hampshire fishing or hunting license or OHRV or boat registration are also exempt from this liability. Learn more at www.wildnh.com/safe.

Lastly, if you are not already a subscriber, check out NH Wildlife Journal Magazine, your best source for fishing, hunting, wildlife, and conservation information in the state. Each issue is filled with great wildlife photography, in-depth features, “how-to” articles, and more. Get subscription information and free sample articles at www.wildnh.com/pubs/wj-magazine.html.

Fishing and hunting license revenue directly supports wildlife and fisheries management, law enforcement, and conservation education in New Hampshire.