Selectboard Minutes December 4, 2017

Condensed from approved minutes:
Members Present: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Selectboard, Chair; Jim Delaney, Selectboard; and Dave Blinn. Also present were Road Agent, John Thompson; and Police Chief Joseph Mahoney.
Andover Service Club present: Robin Boynton, Mary Ofenloch, Judy Evans, Mary Phinney, and Eileen Mackey
4th of July Committee present: Doug Phelps, Alita Phelps, Wood Sutton, Judy Perreault, Donna French, and Beth Frost
Birds Eye View present: Christine and Adam Sloan
Recreation Committee present: Tom Frantz and Alan Hanscom
Additional present: Bob Ofenloch, Jay Boynton, Ellen Langlois, Peter Brankman, and Sandra Graves, Jeremy Thompson, and Peter Zak.


Correspondence and Signatures:
Stonehill Municipal Solutions – Delaney made the motion to accept and have Mishcon sign the agreement for the Board. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Mishcon signed the agreement.
Plodzik and Sanderson -Delaney made the motion to accept and have Mishcon sign the agreement with the auditors signing for the Board. Blinn seconded the motion. All in favor. Mishcon signed the agreement.
Notice letter – Gee on Currier Road – signed by all three Select Board Members


Road Agent Report:
Delaney, in Thompson’s absence, began giving Board the Road Agent’s report with the following information:
Gale Road Bridge – is all cleared off and completed for non-vehicular traffic.
Maple Street Culvert – Mr. Zak is very pleased with the completed project. He will provide a letter or talk with the Board to advise them of this.
Last Street Bridge – the materials are in and the crew is ready to go on this project as the schedule permits.
Thompson took over for Delaney at this point and gave the following information to the Board:
The State contracted with logger, John Brown, who will be logging over Kearsarge Mountain Road E-2 bridge. Brown contacted Thompson for permission to use the bridge. Thompson told Brown that they run at their own risk using the bridge. Thompson indicated that once they do the math, they should be legal, probably under, but they run over it at their own risk. Thompson will keep an eye on the bridge for any issues.
Bridge Road, French Property – Thompson did test pits on this property and there is some sand, but not a great amount. Thompson estimated it is approximately 3-4 tons, roughly a year supply. Basically, if the sand is taken for a year, you will be taking the value from the land. There is some gravel there, also. But probably not worth it.
Winter sand – Thompson priced screened sand for the winter and received quotes from $11.00 to $15.00 per yard. However, Kenny Clark agreed that when the Town needs sand, that a phone call, 12-18 hours prior to delivery is all that is needed. The cost is $8.50 a yard. The Town can buy the sand as needed. Clark will either deliver it to White Oak Pit or he will allow the Town to come pick it up.
Maple Street – Mishcon indicated that Ratzki’s wanted to know when the trees on Maple Street will be scheduled to be taken care of.
Elbow Pond Road – Thompson stated that Sean James from Hoyle, Tanner, & Associates is reviewing the information. Thompson is just waiting for a response from Sean before moving ahead with the work.
Pro-Green Symposium class – Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 05, 2017, Thompson and the highway crew will be taking a class to be certified in green treatment for the winter roads. This is a renewal class. The original class was two years ago.
Andover Service Club:
Mary Ofenloch responded to the letter they received from the Board regarding their non-profit status and paying the 20% fee agreed upon with the 4th of July registration. Basically, the ASC believes they are in a different position than the other non-profits and therefore, should not need to pay 20% of their net proceeds.  The ASC believe the monies they receive are donations and people who buy their goods, donate the money, therefore, donations should not need to pay the 20% fee.  One of the issues is that the vendors pay a $35.00 fee for the space only and do not need to pay 20%. The ASC believes the vendors are making a lot of more money than the non-profits. However, the Board explained that the vendors are the folks that bring in the crowds of people not only locally, but in other towns. The celebration cannot be put on without all the non-profits.
The Board reiterated their stand that the ASC is a non-profit and should pay the 20% fair share or not be offered a space for the upcoming 4th of July Celebration. Mishcon stated that all non-profits are expected to pay their fair share. Delaney stated that the 20% goes into fund the 4th of July Celebration. It was pointed out that this is not a 4th of July Committee or an ASC issue, but a town issue. Instead of working against the 4th of July Committee, the hope is that the ASC will work together as a town-wide event for all to enjoy.
The Board suggested cleaning up the registration form language to make it clearer. Phelps agreed to work on this.


Bird’s Eye View:
The Board explained to the Sloan’s that they are not in violation. The Board would like to work together to solve the issue with the neighbor’s complaints about the drones being tested near where they live on Bridge Road. The Board reviewed the map of the area where Bird’s Eye is testing the drones and would like to come up with an agreeable solution between the parties. One suggestion is for the use of the Transfer Station as a second site for testing the drones.  Adam thought that having a second site would work. The Board will contact legal counsel to see if there are any concerns with allowing the drones to be tested at the Transfer Station property as a possible solution. The Board will also contact the Conservation Commission for their input. For right now, the Board told Bird’s Eye to continue what they are doing. The Sloan’s indicated that the testing will soon come to an end until April due to the cold temperatures. The Board thought that a solution could be managed by then so all are in agreement.


Recreation Committee:
Budget: The Board reviewed the proposed budget and made some agreed upon line item wording changes. After discussion, the Board and the Recreation Chairperson agreed to fund $8400.00 of the Ski Program from the Operating Budget and the remaining $5262.00 from the Revolving Fund.
The Board discussed with the Recreation Committee about the confusion on who is responsible for certain projects.


Two invoices were of concern to the Board.

The first one is for $212 from Gary George. The Board was concerned with the amount because it is double what the bill was the previous year and also because they understood that the Highway Department would be taking over this work this year. After discussion, the Board agreed to pay $106.00. However, if George wants to be paid the extra $106, then he will need to justify the cost and itemize the bill for the Board.


The second bill was from Howard George for the approximate amount of $1000.00. Howard was not authorized to do this work. Hanscom explained that Howard take a keen interest in the ball field and if he sees the projects are not being done, Howard will take it upon himself and do the work himself. The Board stress that if people want to do work, they need to do up a proposal for the Town first; not just do the work and present a bill.
The Recreation Committee noted that neither of the two bills have been in the prevue of the Recreation Committee, but of the Baseball/Little League.
The Board and Recreation Committee agreed that if a project is not done and the Recreation Committee believe it should be done, that the Recreation Committee will either contact Roy or any Selectboard member for assistance so that the job gets done in a timely manner.  
The Recreation Committee requested a schedule from the Highway Department of the maintenance projects such as cutting, fertilizing, etc that they will be doing so the Recreation Department can plan.  The Recreation Committee will provide a list of scheduled games. One person from the Highway Department will be the contact person regarding fields, etc.

Additionally, the Board will need to get the Baseball schedules. This again, is not part of the Recreation Committee.
The Roy will investigate how other Recreation Committees in other towns have their Recreation programs; separate or they include baseball, too.
The Recreation Committee requested to be allowed to purchase a 8’x10’ shed for the skating rink. Hanscom reviewed three different companies with sheds to include Lowe’s, Home Depot, and a shed company in New Hampton. The cost is approximately $2000.00.
Delaney made the motion to let the Recreation Committee take the money for the 8’x10’ shed out of the revolving fund. Blinn seconded the motion.  All in favor. The Board gave permission for the Recreation Committee to take the approximately $2000.00 out of the revolving fund to purchase of  the 8’10’ shed for the skating rink equipment, etc.


Non-Public Session: The Board entered into Non-Public Session by Roll Call Vote:
Mishcon: Yes Delaney: Yes Blinn: Yes
One non-public was heard. The other three will be reschedule for a later time.
Adjournment:  9:45 PM

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary.