Tiger Mountain Karate Classes Begin at the Hub

Press Release

Karate Classes Launch at The Andover Hub
Tiger Mountain Shotokan Karate will begin offering ongoing karate classes on Mondays at The Andover Hub, starting on February 12.  Kids as well as adults, girls and women as well as boys and men are all welcome to begin or continue karate in any of the classes.  A class for children ages six to eight will be offered from 4:45 to 5:45 PM  Kids age nine through adults will meet from 6:00 to 7:00 PM and those with an upper belt can continue until 8 PM. Classes are offered on an ongoing basis at a charge of $65 per month. The Andover Hub is located at 157 Main St., next to Pizza Chef.
Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art that is studied both to learn self-defense and self-discipline, as well as for fitness and exercise.  Tiger Mountain's program helps develop and teach discipline, determination, balance, focus, self esteem, pride, happiness, self defense, strength, and life skills, through focusing on karate techniques, sparring techniques, weapons, self defense, core workouts, as well as fun.  Classes vary depending on age and level and there are many opportunities to be tested and to earn stars, stripes, and belts throughout the year.  
February 12 will be the Grand Opening of the karate school in Andover; Tiger Mountain Karate is based in New London and currently offers classes there and in Wilmot.  For further information and to register, call Gayle Fleming at 603-477-3174 or contact Tiger Mountain through FaceBook.  For further information about The Andover Hub and to be added to their ongoing email list, contact AndoverCommunitySpace@nullgmail.com.