Telephone Museum Welcomes New Board Members

Left to right: (Top) Walt Aydelotte, Bruce Ellsworth,  (Bottom) Christine Perkins,  Donald Picard,  Ed Raymond


Warner NH – Since its opening in the fall of 2005, word has spread that the New Hampshire Telephone Museum is a must-see destination.  The museum, often described as a “hidden gem,” has primarily been run by a small, but enthusiastic, staff of three and a board comprised of six to nine members.  Three of the current board members are part of the original founding board and over the years new ones have stepped into vacated positions.  This year, the museum reached its tipping point and decided it was time to recruit more help.

“We are extremely fortunate to have an energetic, hard-working crew that somehow manages to do the work of ten people,” says Executive Director, Laura French.   “This past year we reached the point where we knew that more help was needed in order to continue providing excellent programming, maintaining our collection, creating great experiences for our visitors, and keeping our staff sane in the process.”

The new board members bring a variety of expertise to the table; some live locally and have worked in the telecom business in some capacity; others come from afar and are avid telephone collectors and history buffs.  Most have been involved with nonprofits in some shape or form.

Joining the board are Walt Aydelotte of Victor NY who is a recognized authority on vintage American telephones and related artifacts; Bruce Ellsworth of Hopkinton NH who served as Commissioner of the NH Public Utilities Commission for twelve years; Christine Perkins of Warner NH who worked for MCT Telecom and has served on many town and nonprofit boards; Donald Picard of Cornish NH who is a pharmacist by trade and who has an appreciation of history and is an authority on turn of the century telephones; and Ed Raymond of Warner NH who worked for MCT Telecom for thirty-eight years.

“We have accomplished so much since we opened our doors,” says French.  “We are looking forward to the infusion of new energy, ideas, and talent that these folks bring to the table.”