Andover Students Study Abroad

By Scott Allenby, Proctor Academy


Andover's Luke Weber '18 (pictured), Amanda Hinds '19, and Julian King '19 are three of the five Andover residents studying abroad at Proctor this term.

Six Andover students (Nelson Makechnie ‘19, Samantha Parkman ‘19, Betsy Abrahamson ‘19, Luke Weber ‘18, Julian King ‘19, and Amanda Hinds ‘19) are studying abroad this winter on three of Proctor’s off-campus programs.

Betsy is spending the Winter Term in Aix en Provence, France with Proctor’s European Art Classroom program where she is studying art history throughout Europe, creating her own art, and enjoying communal living with two faculty members and seven other students. You can read updates from Betsy on Proctor’s website:

Amanda, Luke, and Julian are studying throughout the American Southwest and Mexico on Proctor’s Mountain Classroom program. Through group living and place-based learning around border issues, indigenous cultures, and the natural world. You can follow their journey on the Mountain Classroom blog:

Nelson and Sam are spending the Winter Term in Segovia, Spain, living with a host family and studying alongside nine other Proctor students and two faculty members. Proctor has run its Spain abroad program since 1974, immersing students in Spanish culture and language for an unforgettable eight weeks. Follow their journey on the Proctor en Segovia blog: