2018 Candidates for Town Offices

Know about the candidates before you vote!

By Edited by Mary Anne Broshek

Selectman- Vote for 1, three year term

Leonard (Lenny) Caron

I am running for the Selectmen seat, and I think that I can do some good for our town.  This year will make 30 years that I’ve lived in Andover. I’ve raised a family here and now they’re raising families here. I’m a grandfather of eleven and semi-retired.

I’ve been involved in several boards throughout the years: Conservation Committee, Planning Board, as well as the Capital Improvement Committee for a while. Plus, I was once the road agent here.  I’ve been self-employed most of my life, working I the forest logging industry and the construction “dirt work” business, so hind sight and common sense comes natural.

In regards to being a selectman, I have no agenda. I’d make sure every dollar spent adds value to the Town of Andover. I’d lay all the facts out so people would know what we’re doing and why we need to do it.

To keep strength in our tax dollar I would get a second quote on special projects or put them out for bid and hope the local people get the job. Other than that, I’d deal with things as they come and do so in the best interest of the town of Andover and its people.
Thank you for your support.

Paul Currier

I’d appreciate your vote for Selectman. Andover is a great place to live and for kids to grow up in.  As a member of your Selectboard, I will work to keep it that way, and I will listen to your ideas and concerns as citizens of Andover. About me: My wife and I started building a house here in 1975 (not done yet), and we’ve raised a family here, as well as an assortment of dogs, chickens, and sheep.  
I’m 71, and spent most of my career at the NH Department of Environmental Services, retiring as head of the Watershed Management Bureau.  I’m an environmental engineer by training, a Navy veteran, and I was New London’s Road Agent for a couple years long ago. I’ve chaired Andover’s ZBA and Planning Board (I’m still a member). I served on the 1992 Master Plan committee, and chaired the 2013 Master Plan committee.

I know Andover well, and am familiar with town government.  I’ve seen much change in Andover, but we’ve retained our rural character and sense of community. It’s important to preserve these while encouraging compatible small businesses to bring local jobs and grow the tax base. We need to keep town spending and taxes to a minimum, but we also need to maintain and improve our town infrastructure (roads, bridges, recreation areas), keep the high quality of our school, and support our police and fire departments.

Please vote for me.  I’m ready to work for you.

James Delaney, Sr.

I am running for re-election as your Selectman.  A little history for those of you who don’t know me:
In the 1980’s, I served one term on the school board and I was also the Recreation Director;
I spent two terms on the Zoning Board;
I was elected for one term to the Budget Committee;
I have served three years on the Budget Committee as the Ex Officeo.

I have strived for six years to keep the budget down and still make sure the town of Andover moved ahead with projects that needed to be done.  We installed a new type of Highway Dept. and I’m glad to say that, in my opinion, it has worked out better than expected. They have run basically on a flat budget and gotten three times the amount of work done.  This year there is a small increase due to the White Oak pit problem and there will be an article in the Beacon to explain that.
I would appreciate your vote.  Thank you.

Charles (Chuck) Keyser (write in)

I am running for selectman as a write-in candidate.

For those of you who don't know me, I've lived in Andover my entire life. I'm married with two children. I am a small business owner who has run an automotive service/repair garage in town for eleven years. I have been actively involved in the community, serving on the Capital Improvement Committee and the AEMS Facilities Task Force. I have also coached basketball and baseball. Andover is a great place to live and raise a family.

I want to serve as selectman to add a different view of our budgets and policies to ensure we are getting the most out of our tax dollars. I believe the Board should be able to look at matters from all sides in determining how to move forward for the best interest of Andover and all residents. I will work with department heads to establish what is needed while trying to keep budgets in check.

I encourage people to attend Select Board meetings to learn what direction the town is going and add your input. This will allow the Board to get a good pulse on what the people, the taxpayers, want their elected Board to focus on.

Please write-in Charles Keyser for selectman. Every vote is needed and appreciated. Thank you.

Road Agent- Vote for 1, two year term

John (Tiny) Thompson

I am respectfully asking for another term as your Road Agent. Over the last number of years, we have made many changes, upgrades to the roads and services provided to our town.  From town properties to cemeteries and of course road repairs/maintenance, a strong schedule of regular maintenance has been developed. This formal scheduling has eliminated needless surprises and created a cost effective plan to keep Andover at or above the requirements of the State, Town and our residents.

My desire is to keep our progress on the right track through a consistent and budget sensitive approach to Andover’s needs. The demands on my department have grown and our strengthening reputation for getting the job done has filtered to other town departments.  Further, we have enjoyed a strong approval from town residents, which is a source of great personal pride and one I wish to continue to earn going forward.
Additionally, the many issues beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions were successfully planned for and our pro-active approach reduced negative effects for our residents.
I truly enjoy serving my community and wish to continue as your Road Agent.

Budget Committee- Vote for 2, three year term

Nancy Teach

I seek re-election to the Budget Committee.

The Budget Committee has the task of reviewing and recommending budgets for voters at the annual Town and School District meetings as well as the budgets for the fire and water precincts. I want to continue to serve Andover in ways that provide fiscally responsible decisions.  

My volunteer experiences in town have taught me that the Town of Andover depends on the talents, wisdom and a variety of opinions of its residents.

Arch Weathers

I am seeking re-election to the Budget Committee.

My roots to this area trace back to the arrival by my grandparents in 1924 to spend summers on Lake Sunapee. At the age of 14, I started working summers at Kidder Garage in New London. When I graduated from college, Bill Kidder hired me full-time as a mechanic. It was there that I developed life skills and knowledge in areas one would never find in a college course.

I formed a connection to traditions that cherish and build upon the “New England intimacy” found nowhere else in the world.  This feeling, in turn, nurtures a strong sense of place the, for me, forms the basis for investing in the quality of ones community.

As the current chair of the Budget Committee, I recognize that only through a process of coordinating the gathering and dissemination of departmental requests, soliciting meaningful public input, and designing a concise, understandable reporting format can a desired outcome be achieved. I also recognize that, in most cases, doing the math is not enough. There is no single solution, no simple decision regarding the complexities of managing our infra- structure. Conversations and incremental action addressing issues that determine the long-term financial health of our community must occur on a regular basis.

I am proud to work with an incredible group of dedicated volunteers having a common goal of seeking what is in the best interest of our town. I look forward to continuing this very worthy effort.

Town Treasurer- Vote for 1, two year term

Shirley Currier

I am running for my sixth term as Town Treasurer as well as my twelfth term as Andover School Treasurer.  Graduating from Hesser Business College, I did the accounting for the Andover Village Store and Currier and Phelps Inc. for 30+ years.  I was the treasurer for 40+ years for the Andover 4th of July Committee, and treasurer of the Andover Historical Society for a number of years.  I enjoy this work, and would appreciate your vote on March 13th 2018.

Trustee of Trust Funds- Vote for 1, three year term

Michael Mori

Did not wish to submit a statement

Moderator- Vote for 1, two year term

Merit Jonathon (Jon) Mishcon

I moved to New Hampshire in 1979 from school and have lived and worked here since.  I consider myself to be an independent moderate. My goal, as moderator, would be to be a neutral voice that provides a data oriented approach to governance.

My wife's name is Vicky. My children, Hillary & Sam, grew up in Andover, went to school here and have moved to Maryland and Maine.  My dog's name is Watson. You will often see me hustling after a slightly overweight yellow lab as we walk about.

I enjoy reading, history and working with computers.
Thank you

Library Trustee- Vote for 2, three year term

Mark Cowdrey

“I am a nineteen-year resident of Andover, a lifelong reader and a library patron. As a Library Trustee I look forward to supporting the educational and entertainment roles of the libraries in town. I hope to help keep them vibrant in our community by supporting continuity and innovation, each where and when appropriate.”

Caroline Moulton Ratzki

It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as a Library Trustee these past 3 years.
Our two Andover Libraries have been busy! We have hosted Summer Programs, Lego Events, Fairy Houses, Story Time, Author Talks for kids and adults, and Book Clubs too.

I am running for a second term and thank you for your vote.

Cemetery Trustee- Vote for 1, three year term

Elizabeth Frost

Did not wish to submit a statement

Supervisor of Checklist, Vote for 1, six year term

Cindy Benson

I have lived in Andover since 1985. I have taught at both AEMS and Proctor Academy and currently work at Colby-Sawyer College as a writing tutor and advisor of the campus Christian Fellowship. I raised two daughters here and now have three grandchildren attending AEMS.

I love our town and the sense of community we have here, as well as our beautiful surroundings.  I am involved on the board of the Andover Community Coffeehouse and some of the educational initiatives of the Andover Institute.

I believe in the importance of an educated and engaged citizenry and am pleased to be able to contribute to making sure our local elections run smoothly and efficiently. ndover School Positions

School Board- Vote for 2, three year term

Theresa Georges

I have been an Andover resident since 2011 and have two children currently attending Andover Elementary/Middle School. When my children and I arrived in Andover we found AEMS to be a tremendously welcoming school that never hesitated to help my children feel part of the community. I'm running for a seat on the AEMS school board in the hope that I can make a meaningful contribution to the school that welcomed my children with open arms.

For the majority of my career I've had the privilege of working with adolescents and their families in a variety of settings. For the last 8 years I've worked in education as a School Counselor and then as a School Social Worker.  In addition to being an active member of the Capital Region Prevention Coalition, I am a NH School Social Worker Assoc. board member.

I am interested in promoting youth resiliency through Social Emotional Learning/Wellness, substance misuse prevention, and successful student transition to high school. Now more than ever we have a great need to provide support for students and families. I believe we also need to supply equal support to those on the front lines; our teachers, support personnel and administrators. As we know, resources and funding are often stretched to their limits. Subsequently, we must be creative in our efforts while supporting AEMS in the great work they do with our children.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Aimee Menard

I am running for a seat on the school board to give back to the community and school that has given so much to my family.
I have been a resident of Andover for 14 years. My husband and I have two children that currently attend AEMS. I have been working in retail management for the last 11 years in a multi-department atmosphere. I budget and manage a staff of 15 in a department that produces a gross annual revenue of $12 million.
I believe that I would bring fiscal responsibility along with the ability to work well in a group setting, understanding the balance between multiple needs and limited resources. I consider myself to be level headed, and I am committed to continuing to make the school the best it can be.

School Moderator- Vote for 1, one year term

Elizabeth (Betsy) Paine

I am running for School District Moderator. I am an attorney currently working with CASA NH, a nonprofit that provides advocacy for abused and neglected children. Both my children attended AEMS.

This will be the 6th year that I have served as moderator for the Andover School District. I have attended the New Hampshire Municipal Association's moderators workshop for the past four years.  I would appreciate your vote on March 13.
Thank you.

School Treasurer- Vote for 1, one year term

Shirley Currier

See statement for town treasurer.

School Board Clerk

Christie Coll

Did not submit statement