AE/MS Valentine’s Day Heart “Healthy Restaurant

Press Release


Wearing aprons is so much fun! The Second Graders at AE/MS are ready for their annual Heart Healthy Valentine Day Restaurant. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand

Second graders once again prepared for their annual Heart Healthy Valentine Day Restaurant.  First, our students wrote about how they think they do with healthy habits. They certainly are well informed and aware of how to stay heart-healthy!   Here are just a few examples:

Ariana Johnson:  I drink water every day.  I eat a lot of fruits and I eat meats.  I drink lowfat milk. I should stop eating sweets every night like chocolate ice cream, cake and cupcakes.  I sleep 12 hours each night. I get a lot of exercise and I drink water every minute of the day.

Billyjack Braley gives Mrs. Jurta advice on what to order. Photo: Gretchen Hildebrand

Seth Spaulding:  I eat a lot of vegetables every day.  I drink water a lot, too. I like bananas.  I could eat more blueberries and more kiwi. Every, like, month I eat a few pieces of candy.

Audrey Leith:  I drink lots of water.  I can’t eat lots of gluten.  I eat lots of vegetables and I eat a lot of different things.  I exercise! I hydrate! I go to bed at 7:30.

Hans Wagler:  I do well eating only two desserts every week.  I could drink more water. I eat different foods.  I sleep 11 hours every night and I play outside a lot.

Ember Morgan:  I eat interesting food that is good for me and I drink a lot of water.  I get 10-12 hours of sleep. I drink three water bottles a day. I wash my hands 3-12 times a day.

Kaitlyn Stetson:  I drink a lot of milk, which is good for your bones.  I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I need to eat more protein.  My mom makes really good salads. I get 11ish hours of sleep. I drink a lot of water and I wash my hands 20-30 times a day.
PS  I am allergic to hot sauce.

With all of that initial understanding, we knew our restaurant would be a success!
Mrs. Frost spoke to the class about heart healthy choices for eating and daily living.  We had fun checking our resting and running pulses! We learned a lot about red blood cells and how important they are to us, where they travel in our circulatory system, and how our heart works.

Parent Abby Webster also spoke to the second graders about their own MICROBIOMES and how important it is to have good bacteria in your belly to keep you healthy.  Thanks to Abby, we ALL learned a lot!

Then came the restaurant, serving the staff of AEMS and third graders who had worked the restaurant last year.  It was fun. It was hard work. It was rewarding. In the end, students voted to donate their $325 earnings to the Franklin Animal Shelter to help the volunteers care for the animals.