Volunteer Needed for “50 Years Ago in Andover”

Do you miss this feature?

By Steve Foley

We have heard from our readers that they enjoyed the “50 Years Ago” article that appeared each month for many years in the Beacon. Heather Makechnie volunteered to gather and edit the Andover News that appeared in the Franklin Journal Transcript each week back in the day. She did it every month for many years. After Heather’s passing, Virginia Edwards took it over and continued until she found she just did not have time enough to do it.

If you would be interested in becoming the new editor of the “50 Years Ago,” we would love to talk with you! It is not a difficult task, but does require some time to complete. You would need to be able to get to Franklin Library from time to time to print from the microfilm reader any pages of the Journal Transcript that contain Andover news. Several month’s news could be gathered in one sitting at the library.  The print outs can be brought home to be transcribed using word processing software. The transcribed text would then be submitted for final edits by the Beacon Staff.

If you like history, don’t mind typing and have a computer and email, you might just be the person we need! If you would be interested in helping in this way, email Steve@nullAndoverBeacon.com or call (603) 735-5292.