Andover Player’s Willy Wonka is Great Success

Colby Jones and Brice Bendixsen (Grandpa Joe and Charlie Bucket) found out what happens when you drink Fizzy Lifting Drinks in Willy Wonka’s factory. Other photos on page 38Photo: Jennifer Bent
Grandpa George (Enrico Mori), Grandma Georgina (Sierra Provost), Grandma Josephine (Mary Clough), and Grandpa Joe (Colby Jones) from their bed look toward Charlie (Brice Bendixsen) and Mrs. Bucket (Julianna Baptiste).
Photo: Jennifer Bent
The Oompa Loompas with Veruca Salt.Photo: Danielle Sansoucy
Paige Makechnie may have earned the award for best dramatic expression as Veruca Salt. Mr. Salt is played by Fenn Davis.    Photo: Danielle Sansoucie
River Turnbull (center stage) portrayed candy Maker, Willy Wonka, surrounded by a cast of incredible actors. Photo: Jennifer Bent
Violet Beauregarde (Arie Perry) learns what happens when you break the rules at the Chocolate Factory! Photo: Danielle Sansoucy
Oompa Loompas,(Dylan Hammond) and (?), Phineous Trout (Kaylee Bendixsen) Mrs. Gloop (Helen Armstrong) and Augustus Gloop (Oliver Andrews)Photo : Danielle Sansoucy