2019 Historical Society calendar  Focuses on life in early Andover

Press Release
“THE OLD AND THE NEW.  Guy Hersey is about ready to put on a load of hay, with sons Samuel and James.  The people in the Station Wagon are unknown.” Photo and caption from 2019 calendar.

The Andover Historical Society's 2019 fund-raising calendar, featuring early photographs of Andover collected by local photographer Frank Poblenz and described by longtime Andover selectman Ralph Chaffee, is hot off the press and will go on sale at the annual Andover Independence Day Celebration on the Village Green. Copies are $10 apiece and will be available at the Historical Society's table.  
Sponsors of the ninth annual calendar, who help defray production costs, are Tilton Medical Associates; Andover Community Association; Lake Farm Realty; New Horizons Hairstylists; Baker-Hartwell Contractors; Belletetes Building Product Specialists; J. P. Paquette Construction;  J.J.'s Market & Deli; C. A. Miller Plumbing; The Village Sweep; Jay and Robin Boynton; Proctor Academy; and The Andover Hub.
Offering background on Poblenz and Chaffee's collaboration, Andover resident and Poblenz's daughter Judy Perreault recalls:  “Frank (1909-1995) became acquainted with Ralph Chaffee (1900-1981), a long-time Andover selectman who was in the process of writing an Andover town history.  Ralph had a number of old pictures of Andover which he wished to include in the history, and he approached Frank about copying them for the book. Some were in pretty bad condition but Frank was an expert at restoration. The result was one hundred pictures, some of which made their way into the history.  Frank made up two sets of one hundred photos which were donated to the Andover libraries. The William Bachelder Library still has a set, although one photo is missing, as is the entire other set.”
After July 4, the calendars may be purchased at the Historical Society's Emons Store in Potter Place, both Andover libraries, New Horizons Hair Stylists, and the Morgan Hill Book Store in New London.