Kent Hackmann

By Kent Hackmann

Editor, Andover Beacon,

I look forward to celebrating the “Blessings of Liberty,” as noted in the preamble to the Constitution, on the 4th of July on the village green.

The Bill of Rights enshrines some of those blessings.  High on my list are in the First Amendment: the freedom of religion, speech, the press, petition, and freedom of assembly.  I believe they must be jealously guarded and protected.

The Pledge of Allegiance highlights, too, our commitment to liberty and justice for all.

Citizenship also means civic responsibilities, as I see it.  Voting, paying taxes, and servicing in the armed forces, as I did many years ago, are three actions of a responsible citizen.  Passivity and inaction open doors to tyranny.


Kent Hackmann
East Andover