Vote for Ken Wells

By Jesse Schust

People of this area have a wide range of political views and experiences.  I value everyone’s views on matters that impact on the local area. We need local representatives who will listen to the community as a whole and work with everyone.  I believe that Ken Wells is this sort of candidate. He will take […]

Vote for Louise Andrus

By Charles Baer

Please vote for Louise Andrus I urge all to vote for Louise Andrus for State Representative for the Andover-Danbury-Salisbury District 1.  Louise Andrus will work hard to block tax increases and new taxes, especially a sales tax or income tax. Our reputation as a low tax state brings new residents and employers to New Hampshire. […]

Vote for Ken Wells

By Bill Radzelovage & Marie Nardino

To the Editor: As Andover residents, concerned about both local and state issues, we are very impressed by Ken Wells, a candidate for NH House District 1 serving Andover, Danbury, and Salisbury. Ken has been a high school teacher for more than 30 years, with a very strong science background.  He understands very well the […]

Vote for Natalie Wells

By Bill Leber

To  Citizens of Warner, Webster, Salisbury, Danbury and Andover,   I urge you to vote for Natalie Wells for State Representative on November 6. She has proven to be a responsive representative and concerned with her constituents problems and seeks solutions that are sensible and satisfactory. Natalie takes a practical approach to government and her […]

Thank you to Linda Rayner

Perhaps Andover residents have seen the red-headed and red-safety vested woman picking up trash along Route 11 and wondered who this good citizen is. I can not count the times I have driven past Linda Rayner of East Andover and thought about thanking her. Linda has been picking up trash along our roads for many […]

Silence is Not Always Golden

As an immigrant from Germany I have been exposed to European History since my early childhood. Looking back today, I find parallels in attempts to change our society, our country’s legal structure and our civil liberties by destroying the image and credibility of our free press, by damaging the reputation of courts and judges, and […]

About the NH Primary

I want to congratulate Bianca Acebron Peco for running a good race for Merrimack district 25.  She did not prevail and David Karrick won the primary. Nevertheless she is a rising star in our party. I now urge her supporters to vote for David Karrick on November 6th in the general election.  They share the […]

To the Andover Road Crew

Many, many thanks to our Road Agent, John Thompson, and his crew for all of the fine work they did on Old College Rd. Last month. I felt like a kid again, mesmerized by the graders, excavators, bulldozers, and especially what I call the road eater. The men showed respect to walkers and drivers alike. […]

Natalie Wells Wants Your Vote

By Natalie Wells

Two years ago, I asked for your vote to become your next State Representative and  I was honored that you made that possible. We need to continue to preserve what accomplishments the Republican party has done for this state, and therefore, I ask for your vote again. Two years ago, I wrote an article to […]

Wood Sutton Has Recycling Plan

By Wood Sutton

To the Citizens and Patrons of the Town Dump, Evidently I missed a public meeting, if there was one,  on the new dump regulations (Transfer Station has too many syllables). Certainly there was no invite to private discussions with the “experts.” That is a shame. Retired, with time on my hands,  I had already developed […]