Andover Emergency Services Receives Thanks

Dear Firefighters of Andover and Neighboring towns: Thank you so much for your quick response and courageous job in fighting the fire at the Blackwater Junction Restaurant on July 16, 2017. We are so thankful that no one was hurt. As we watched those men and women perform an outstanding service in making sure that […]

State House Updates, July 2017

By Representative Natalie Wells

As I’m sure you are all aware, the State Budget did pass the House and Senate on Thursday, June 22. I want to make sure you are also aware that a significant number of Republican conservatives, including Representative Anne Copp and myself, worked to reduce the final numbers of the budget to the greatest extent […]

Clarification on HB 238

By Mario Ratzki

Representative Natalie Wells seemed to be confused when she answered my letter to the editor. While I wrote about HB238, and HB238 only, Ms. Wells went off on HB191. HB 238 seeks to establish a committee to study broadband. The reason Fairpoint, and other broadband providers, are so against even a simple study committee is […]

Town Truck Update

At the last town meeting the voters authorized the selectmen to pay $1 to the east Andover Fire Department for a 1989 Ford tanker that they were putting out of service. The fire department knew the town was looking at the truck to turn it into a six wheel dump truck for the town. The […]

A Further Tribute to Gracia Snyder

She was known to most everyone in Andover when she lived here and she continued to attend Historical Society events, support Scouts, etc. after she moved to the house she had built on the Bays. She wore many hats and was a well-meaning, vocal town character. “I … merely wanted to elaborate on it a […]

Save Money on Taxes

Like you, I’m tired of taxes going up every year. This year at Town Meeting, I’m trying to do something about it by asking the Town of Andover to purchase a backhoe-loader. Almost every small town like Andover saves money by owning its own backhoe-loader, and it’s time Andover did, too. Here’s the choice I’ll […]

Please Vote Yes to Pass Bond

By Amy Makechnie

March 6, we have the opportunity to support Andover Elementary Middle School by voting in favor of a bond providing important infrastructure upgrades to the building. The Andover School Board has worked for three years to develop a fiscally responsible plan. The effort included research conducted by an independent task force – The Andover Facilities […]

A Message to Our Representatives

When our two new representatives, Anne Copp and Natalie Wells, were elected I wished them the best. But unfortunately, their best has not been supportive of our communities. They both voted to kill HB 238, which would allow a committee to study broadband availability in our state with emphasis on underserved or unserved areas. Well, […]

An Issue with the School Bond Proposal

The school bond issue for the addition of classroom space, cafeteria, energy and safety upgrades may be partially necessary. Safety is imperative. All aspects of this issue should be addressed immediately. The School Board should have corrected these issues as they became known. This includes fire sprinklers, electrical panels and lock down devices. The board […]

Optimistic About the Noise Ordinance

January 5, 2017 Dear Andover Beacon, Re: Holiday Issue – Noise Ordinance I read the Committee’s proposed noise ordinance with great anticipation. However, my hopes were dashed when in Section 2: Prohibited Sounds and Exemptions, it’s stated that this applies only between the hours of 10:30 PM and 7 AM. All the referenced violating noises […]