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Thank You from Mary Anne Broshek

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote for me on November 8. While I won in Andover, I did not receive a majority of votes in Danbury and Salisbury and lost by about 160 votes. I met many wonderful people during the campaign and will continue to be involved in state and local […]

Praise for APD and Dan Shaw

On September 2, my wife and I were in an automobile accident on Route 4 near (or in) Andover. The accident occurred when another vehicle made a left turn into our vehicle. Attempting to avoid the accident, I veered right, struck a stop sign, and became lodged against a huge rock and a tree stump. […]

Following Local Candidates Closely

As a relatively new resident of the State of New Hampshire, Town of Andover, I have been closely following the positions of the local candidates for state government (although I admit, I am confounded by the number of districts and levels of governmental representation). Of the many issues facing New Hampshire and the rest of […]

No One Should Stay Home on November 8

No one should sit out the November 8 election. Even if you aren’t thrilled about candidates at the top of the tickets, there are important races all the way down the ballot that have significant impact on the state and local communities. There are some very good candidates: notably Mary Anne Broshek running for State […]

Endorsements for Broshek and Karrick

We the undersigned enthusiastically endorse Mary Anne Broshek for District 1 State Representative, and David Karrick for District 25 State Representative. We hope you will join us in voting for them on November 8. Christiane Andrews; Pete Ballou; Bill & Betty Bardsley; Dean Barker; Linda Barnes; Gail & Pecco Beaufays; Ed Becker; Alex Bernhard; Harvey Best; Ellen Bishop; Jerry & Janet Bliss; Robin Boynton; Judith & Tom […]

What I Like About Anne Copp

I am writing to urge Andover residents to vote for Anne Copp for Representatve in November. Anne will work hard to keep taxes low. She will listen to the residernts of Andover, Danbury and Salsbury and work hard to represent their views in Concord. Please vote for Anne. Charlie Baer Bradley Lake.  

What I Like About Natalie Wells

I am writing to urge Andover residents to vote for Natalie Wells for the Warner, Andover, Salisbury and Danbury State Representative District. Natalie knows that small business provides most new jobs and has small business experience. Natalie will work hard to protect small business from higher taxes and unnecessary regulations. She has promised to vote […]

What I Like About Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick

Which candidates for Merrimack Districts 1 and 25 will best represent me in the New Hampshire House of Representatives? On the basis of their experience, knowledge of the issues, and availability to listen and talk about their views, I favor Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick. Both want to represent me in the State House, […]

What I Like About Mary Anne Broshek

We want to express our appreciation to Mary Anne Broshek for her willingness to become a candidate to represent Andover, Danbury and Salisbury in the state legislature. Mary Anne is a person of highest integrity who can be counted on to work across the aisle in advocating for thoughtful, measured, and financially responsible solutions to […]

A Positive Focus on Law Enforcement

With such a negative national focus on law enforcement officers, I feel it is important to share what wonderful experiences we have had with the Andover Police Deparment. As a local business (Tack Room Consignment Tack), we do, on rare occasions, unfortunately run into non-paying customers. Officer Dan Shaw handled a recent case for us and […]