Save Money on Taxes

Like you, I’m tired of taxes going up every year. This year at Town Meeting, I’m trying to do something about it by asking the Town of Andover to purchase a backhoe-loader. Almost every small town like Andover saves money by owning its own backhoe-loader, and it’s time Andover did, too. Here’s the choice I’ll […]

Please Vote Yes to Pass Bond

By Amy Makechnie

March 6, we have the opportunity to support Andover Elementary Middle School by voting in favor of a bond providing important infrastructure upgrades to the building. The Andover School Board has worked for three years to develop a fiscally responsible plan. The effort included research conducted by an independent task force – The Andover Facilities […]

A Message to Our Representatives

When our two new representatives, Anne Copp and Natalie Wells, were elected I wished them the best. But unfortunately, their best has not been supportive of our communities. They both voted to kill HB 238, which would allow a committee to study broadband availability in our state with emphasis on underserved or unserved areas. Well, […]

An Issue with the School Bond Proposal

The school bond issue for the addition of classroom space, cafeteria, energy and safety upgrades may be partially necessary. Safety is imperative. All aspects of this issue should be addressed immediately. The School Board should have corrected these issues as they became known. This includes fire sprinklers, electrical panels and lock down devices. The board […]

Optimistic About the Noise Ordinance

January 5, 2017 Dear Andover Beacon, Re: Holiday Issue – Noise Ordinance I read the Committee’s proposed noise ordinance with great anticipation. However, my hopes were dashed when in Section 2: Prohibited Sounds and Exemptions, it’s stated that this applies only between the hours of 10:30 PM and 7 AM. All the referenced violating noises […]

Thank You from Harold French

On Tuesday, November 8th, I had the honor of being elected to the New Hampshire State Senate. It was a very close election with the recount providing a final vote margin of 17 to make the victory. I would like to thank all of you who supported me in this effort, those who worked door-to-door, […]

Thank You from Natalie Wells

Thank you Andover and Danbury for placing your vote of confidence in me to be your State Representative for District 25 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, and Webster). I have enjoyed meeting so many of you while door knocking. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in Andover’s Fourth of July Parade, meeting great people, and […]

Thank You from Mary Anne Broshek

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote for me on November 8. While I won in Andover, I did not receive a majority of votes in Danbury and Salisbury and lost by about 160 votes. I met many wonderful people during the campaign and will continue to be involved in state and local […]

Praise for APD and Dan Shaw

On September 2, my wife and I were in an automobile accident on Route 4 near (or in) Andover. The accident occurred when another vehicle made a left turn into our vehicle. Attempting to avoid the accident, I veered right, struck a stop sign, and became lodged against a huge rock and a tree stump. […]

Following Local Candidates Closely

As a relatively new resident of the State of New Hampshire, Town of Andover, I have been closely following the positions of the local candidates for state government (although I admit, I am confounded by the number of districts and levels of governmental representation). Of the many issues facing New Hampshire and the rest of […]