Kent Hackmann

By Kent Hackmann

Editor, Andover Beacon, I look forward to celebrating the “Blessings of Liberty,” as noted in the preamble to the Constitution, on the 4th of July on the village green. The Bill of Rights enshrines some of those blessings.  High on my list are in the First Amendment: the freedom of religion, speech, the press, petition, […]

Letter from Concord, David Karrick

By David Karrick

Letter From Concord: April 26 New Hampshire House Session: Senate Bill 391, Bill codifies the rights of sexual assault survivors, including the right to a medical examination at no charge; both Wells and Copp voted in favor of the Ought to Pass recommendation, bill was approved 315 to 22 after a motion for reconsideration by […]

Andover Police Protect and Serve

By Jeffrey Goodrich

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the high degree of professionalism and commitment that our local Police Department demonstrates on a daily basis. Our Andover police officers show genuine interest in serving and protecting the people of Andover and are always courteous when interacting with their constituents. As for myself, I […]

Joan Aubrey, Director of NHEC

By Joan Aubrey

Vote for Your NH Electric Cooperative Directors The annual election for New Hampshire Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors is underway.  This year’s election has four director positions up for election and only one incumbent Director running.  Three other Directors have reached their term limits, meaning that there will be at least three new members joining […]

Donna Hartwell-Baker

By Donna Hartwell-Baker

Dear All, It seemed that spring would never get here, but alas it has arrived! The ice went out of Highland Lake before dawn, today. (April 24th) However, for several days, the lake was half open and the open side has been busy with waterfowl. I watched an adult loon swimming near Stella’s Beach on […]

Vote for Neil Irvine (NHEC Board)

To the editor: I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Neil Irvine for a seat on the New Hampshire Electric Board of Directors. Neil has served the Coop Members on the nominating committee for several years and has the first hand knowledge of the challenges and responsibilities of being a director. Most importantly Neil […]

Support for Neil Irvine (NHEC Board)

To the Editor, As as NH Electric Co-op member, I am casting my vote for Neil Irvine in this year’s election for the Board of Directors. I have personally known Neil for almost 10 years and his dedication to the community he serves is well documented. He has shown he has the ability, the desire […]

The Purpose of Town Meeting

By Janet Moore

About the recent town meeting…it’s worth a reminder that the purpose of a town meeting is to conduct the town’s business for the coming year by addressing warrant articles put forth by the Board of Selectmen and the townspeople. All of the information contained in the town report is made available to the public through […]

Representative Ann Copp

Representative Anne Copp sent me the following email after she had berated me at the State House for wearing a pink hat from the National Women’s March. I was standing with a sign that read “Trust Women.” When I found out who she was, I emailed her to ask her what was going on, because […]

Thoughts on School Voucher Bills

By Marie Nardino/William Radzelovage

In 2012, New Hampshire established a Scholarship Voucher System to provide state support to qualified students wishing to leave the public school system.  It is funded by an 85% credit to corporations, on their NH Business Profits Tax, for donations to approved scholarship funds.  We have read that the corporate response has been minimal to […]