County Republican Chair Reacts to Sentencing of State Representative

Assault took place during election recount

Press release

 Merrimack County Republican Committee chair Karen Testerman has reacted to a recent plea deal involving Concord State Representative Katherine Rogers and a misdemeanor assault charge. “It’s appalling  that the  leadership of the Democrat Party,  namely Chairman Ray Buckley and House Minority  Leader Steve Shurtleff, would seemingly condone a party member assaulting a member of the […]

NH State Library

Your Family Tree

Today’s ability to access information with just a few keystrokes can make you feel connected to any topic you can image. But access to everything can leave you feeling disconnected, too. Sometimes, learning more about yourself, your family and its history can help you get your feet back on the ground. Most of us have […]

Notes from Concord

Comments about New Hampshire Senate Bill 3

By David B. Karrick, Jr.

Earlier this week, Hillsborough County New Hampshire Judge Charles Temple finally introduced some sanity to a truly insane disruption of our state’s voting system by ruling that the penalties outlined in Senate Bill 3 “act as a very serious deterrent on the right to vote, and if there is indeed a ‘compelling’ need for them, […]

Notes from Concord, July 2017

By David Karrick and Mary Anne Broshek

On June 22 our Representatives in Concord finally passed a budget, which Governor Sununu has promised to sign. As you may remember the House did not pass an operating budget so the joint Committee of Conference worked to tweak the budget passed by the Senate to make it acceptable to the various Republican factions in […]

Notes from Concord, May 2017

By Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick

June is budget time. The New Hampshire budget is crafted every other year and the new budget will cover state fiscal years from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019. Governor Sununu submitted his budget to the Legislature at the end of February. The process is that the House of Representative has first crack at […]

Notes from Concord, April 2017

By Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick

Here’s our latest edition of Notes from Concord, what’s been happening in the New Hampshire Legislature. We are also trying to show how the Representatives you elected, Anne Copp and Natalie Wells, voted in Roll Call votes. In March and early April there were more than 50 bills with roll call votes recorded. There were […]

House of Representatives Vote on Bills

Results of some actions

By Natalie Wells

The House of Representatives voted on over 200 bills, some of which were for housekeeping measures, clarifying issues, and bills of high importance to our state. Education: HB 345 -Relative to State Board of Education rulemaking authority over home education programs. This bill wanted to remove home education rulemaking authority from the State Board of […]

Notes from Concord, March 2017

By Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick

Given that this is Town meeting month and a major concern of residents is increasing property taxes, we are focusing on the ways that the State Legislature can bring back past funding to reduce property taxes and 2017 State legislation that will reduce or increase property taxes. Also included is how area legislators voted on […]

Notes from Concord, February 2017

By Mary Anne Broshek and David Karrick

Once again we bring you Notes from Concord, a brief review of what’s happening in the New Hampshire Legislature. Many bills have come out of committees and are now making their way to the House floor for a vote up (OTP) or down (ITL). The Legislature met both Wednesday February 15 and Thursday February 16 […]

A Representative Letter, February 2017

State Legislative Updates

By Natalie Wells, State Representative

Anne Copp, Merrimack 1: Andover, Danbury, Salisbury Natalie Wells, Merrimack 25: Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner & Webster On February 9, 2017, Governor Sununu presented the state’s budget address. He states it will be “a true balanced budget without an income or sales tax, and without increasing fees or other taxes of any kind”. He addressed […]