Representative Ann Copp

Representative Anne Copp sent me the following email after she had berated me at the State House for wearing a pink hat from the National Women’s March. I was standing with a sign that read “Trust Women.” When I found out who she was, I emailed her to ask her what was going on, because […]

Comments from Representative Natalie Wells

By Representative Natalie Wells

This article was updated on March 21, 2018 From Representative Natalie Wells, Merrimack 25 (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner & Webster) To Our Veterans: Are you aware that you may possibly be entitled to receive a tax credit on your property taxes? A bill passed in 2017 that allows cities and towns in NH to vote […]

Senator French opposes raising car registration fees

Press Release

Concord, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Senate supported the Ways and Means Committee recommendation of inexpedient to legislate for SB 587-L, lowering the population requirement for a city or town to collect additional fees for motor vehicle registration. After the vote, Senator Harold French (R-Franklin) issued the following statement: “We saw this same legislation […]

More Notes From Concord

By David Karrick

David Karrick is a former state representative and has announced his candidacy for the next election. He is a regular contributor to the Beacon. Your State Representatives, Natalie Wells and Anne Copp, were at it again on February 15 in the NH Legislature. They both voted against HCR13 which condemns hate crimes and other forms […]

Thoughts on School Voucher Bills

By Marie Nardino/William Radzelovage

In 2012, New Hampshire established a Scholarship Voucher System to provide state support to qualified students wishing to leave the public school system.  It is funded by an 85% credit to corporations, on their NH Business Profits Tax, for donations to approved scholarship funds.  We have read that the corporate response has been minimal to […]

David Karrick’s Notes From Concord

Information on recent legislation

By David Karrick

David Karrick is a former state legislator and  a current candidate for state representative in Merrimack County District 25. Let’s take a look at how your current State Representatives in Concord voted on some important bills during the lengthy New Hampshire House Session of February 8, 2018: House Bill 628; Establishing a Family and Medical […]

Respite Care a Blessing!

By Gail Matthews

We are truly blessed to have the Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice Good Day Respite Program, which meets twice weekly in New London and once a week in Lebanon 10 to 3 PM.  Respite Care provides both the patient and the caregiver a change of pace, and is especially important if you are a […]

Senator Harold French Critical of Northern Pass Decision

Press Release

Concord, NH- Senator Harold French (R-Franklin) issued the following statement after the Site Evaluation Committee’s decision to deny the Northern Pass application. “I am very disappointed that the SEC denied the current Northern Pass application, which was well-presented and directly addressed the increasing need for low cost, low emissions, base load power in our state […]

Looking for Democrats, Progressives and Independents

By Bill Bardsley

We are writing, first and foremost, to connect with all area voters who consider themselves Democrats, Progressives and Independents. The 2018 elections for NH governor, for the entire NH legislature, and for our two members of the House of Representatives are less than a year away.  There is much at stake and much to do. […]

Conservative Think-tanks

Dear Editor: The American people need to be made aware of the power and influence of right-wing-conservative-libertarian-Republican “think-tanks”/”policy institutes.”  Two examples would be “Americans for Prosperity” (which alone has 2.3 million members) and “The Heritage Foundation.” Conservative think-tanks are organizations that are primarily created and funded by large corporations, billionaires, and multi-millionaires whose purpose is […]