Theft on Severance Road

To the person who stole almost $30 in cash and siphoned a full tank of gas out of our car in our driveway at 24 Severance Road, I have a few things to say to you. I really hope you needed it more than we do. After just finishing cancer treatment, and after almost four […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: July 2013

Bipartisan budget passes, Medicaid expansion fails

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative

The 2014-2015 budget passed the New Hampshire House with 346 votes for and 12 against; it passed unanimously in the Senate. Everyone from Governor Hassan to former speaker Bill O’Brien claimed credit for the bipartisan vote, but the credit, no doubt, resides with New Hampshire voters who told us to stop bickering, avoid political grandstanding, […]

Thank You, Fourth of July Committee!

I want to publicly thank the Andover Fourth of July Committee for the really wonderful day they put together for all of us. It was one of several things that make me proud to be “from Andover.” I work at the Town Office, and the day before the Fourth we had several calls from people […]

Flares Around Highland Lake

By Donna Baker-Hartwell
Flares Around Highland Lake

For many years, the Highland Lake Protection Association (HLPA) has sold flares for the July 4th weekend “Flare Show.” It has been an important annual fundraiser, selling approximately 100 flares. Last year, a handful of HLPA members hired ChemServe, an environmental analyst recommended by the state, to analyze the ash created from the flares. The […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: June 2013

Can the NH budget be reconciled?

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative
Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: June 2013

Breaking News! June 21 – The House and the Senate have reached agreement on the budget. Medicaid expansion will not happen now, but a commission will study expansion and report later this year at which point we will get a chance to vote on it again. In great news, flood control payments were 100% restored […]

What Concerns Should a Wind Turbine Proposal Address?

Send your concerns to the Beacon so we can compile a list.

Duncan Coolidge has written a letter to the Beacon about the possibility of a proposal for wind turbines on Ragged Mountain. (See his letter here.) If and when a wind turbine proposal arrives, what concerns will you want to be sure it addresses? Scenic values and a good financial deal for the Town are two […]

Letters: On Memorial Day, Remembering Those Who Served

By Kent Hackmann

On Memorial Day 2013, I remembered four men. One, a paternal uncle in Missouri, fought for the Union in the Civil War. The second, a maternal uncle from Massachusetts, was on the Western Front in World War I. The third is my late father-in-law. A USMA graduate, his active duty career included World War II […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: May 2013

Voting for the casino bill was hard.

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative

The recent late frost hit my grapevines hard. The leaves and the buds were 90% to 100% burned. Not unlike some of my most dedicated supporters, incensed by my support of SB 152, the casino bill. I voted to talk about it and make it better, not to kill it. My “No” vote was a […]

Letter: Thank you, Andover Beacon!

By Linda S. Barnes, Salisbury

I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges associated with trying to produce a monthly small-town newspaper. And then to do it in such a way that is consistently interesting, informative, and somehow unbiased. One hundred issues later, I still look forward to finding the Beacon in my mailbox. You guys are the best!  

Letter: Choose Franklin VNA and Hospice

By Jane White, Executive Director, Franklin VNA & Hospice

May 20, 2013 Dear Friends and Neighbors, Franklin VNA and Hospice has proudly been providing home care services to your community since 1945. Now entering the 68th year, we have reaffirmed our mission statement and will continue to offer you quality home care and hospice services. This is your community. This is your VNA. If […]