Letter: Waiting for a Wind Turbine Proposal

By Duncan Coolidge

To speak to rumors regarding wind turbines on Ragged Mountain, I am penning this letter to the editor and community. Many months prior to becoming a Town Selectman, or even considering that position, I approached a New Hampshire-based wind power generating company to find out whether or not such a project would be feasible for […]

Recycle Roadside Clean-Up

By Howard L. Wilson, Vice-chair, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

Given the relative lack of value to the “dollar,” encouraging those who do roadside clean-up, either to town roads or the State’s highways through Adopt a Highway, to deliver full bags of collected debris to a dump or recycling center is a waste of time and loss to the recyclers of the state. On average, […]

ACFA Meeting is Well Attended

By Sandy Williams, President, ACFA

On March 19, the Andover Constitution Freedom Alliance held a public meeting to discuss the UN’s Agenda 21 and its relationship to sustainable communities. Guest speakers were Tim Carter and Greg Carson (one con and one pro). The meeting was well attended by over 75 citizens and had some very good questions for both gentlemen. […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: April 2013

House passes budgets with less downshifting of costs

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative

The main event occurring in Concord recently was the adoption of the operating and capital budgets in the House. The operating budget (the day-to-day operations of the State), HB 1 and HB 2, passed on a mostly partisan basis , 194 to 172 and 193 to 166. The revenues used in this budget did not […]

Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: March, 2013

By Mario Ratzki, NH House Representative

First, a technical point. When we vote for a bill in the House or the Senate, we do not actually vote on the bill itself, but rather on the originating committee’s recommendation for the bill. For example, HB 337 (total legalization of marijuana) came out of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee with a […]

Nice Work, Snowplow Folks!

By Larry Chase

Despite the heavy March 19 snowfall, there were several errands around town that  couldn’t be put off. Driving Routes 11 and 4, and secondary roads such as Plains, Switch, Chase Hill, Old College, Cilleyville, and others, I was struck by how effectively the storm was being fought. I wouldn’t have wanted to travel the same distance on the roads of […]

Mario Ratzki Reports From Concord: February 2013

By Mario Ratzki, New Hampshire House

The main event in Concord this week (February 11 to 17) was the unveiling of Governor Hassan’s budget for fiscal years 2014-2015. I have a copy of the budget summary and would be glad to lend it to anyone interested. In this budget, the governor will make some assumptions about revenues; for instance, a raise […]

Flu Vaccines: Know the Facts

By Laura Condon, New Hampshire Director of Advocacy for National Vaccine Information Center

The flu reports have been non-stop this season. You can’t miss them on the radio, on the TV, or even in The Andover Beacon. Last month there was an update on flu count for all schools within the district. It seems that diagnosed flu cases in local schools are few or non-existent. That’s great news. […]

Letter: A Huge Thank You To Officer Dan Shaw

By Linda S. Barnes, Antiques and Artisans Too

An unfortunate recent incident at our shop resulted in the need to contact the Andover Police Department for assistance. Officer Dan Shaw responded immediately. He provided a thorough investigation and kept us up to date on its progress. His interactions with us – and with the individuals involved – were thoughtful and compassionate. In addition, […]

Warrant Article Seeks Bridge Funding

It’s a start on a plan to deal with town bridge problems.

By Jim Danforth

Of the 20 bridges owned by the town, eight are on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Red List, three are closed, two are limited to foot traffic, one is structurally deficient, one is functionally obsolete, and four are in good shape. If the Morrill Hill Road Bridge project is completed this year, we […]