Blackwater Grange: May 2013

By Bernice Nowell, Blackwater Grange

Blackwater Grange #152 met on April 11 with seven members attending and Master Nowell presiding. The meeting draped the charter in memory of Pauline Corson and Tyler Grace. Marcia McWethy reported that she rescued an eagle and took it to  someone who cares for wild animals. The members enjoyed a program, quizzes, and poems. The […]

26 Attend Workshop on Geothermal Energy Systems

Tapping the earth's heat for sustainable energy

By Maria Glorioso, Andover Energy Group
26 Attend Workshop on Geothermal Energy Systems

The Andover Energy Group, a local organization of volunteers, conducted its Geothermal Workshop on April 6 in the Andover Town Hall meeting room. The workshop was presented by two experts in the field who explained the “magic” of residential geothermal energy systems, which capture the nearly constant 50- to 55-degree temperature trapped below the earth’s […]

Andover Food Pantry in Need of Donations

By Maria Glorioso, Andover Food Pantry

Since volunteering for the Andover Food Pantry, I have become increasingly concerned about the amount of food needed to stock the shelves and the limited funds we have to succeed in this endeavor. Even more alarming is that the people we service will not have enough food to sustain them in these hard times. I […]

Andover Democrats Meet in Salisbury in April

Mario Ratzki speaks at April 10 meeting

Press release

The Andover Democrats will be meeting in Salisbury in April. The Salisbury Academy Building, also known as Academy Hall, will be the site of a joint meeting of any interested Andover and Salisbury Democrats. State Representative Mario Ratzki, Democrat Andover, will be on hand to answer questions and inform the public about what’s happening in […]

Freedom Alliance Discusses Sustainable Communities at April Meeting

April 2 discussion includes Agenda 21

Press release

The Andover Constitutional Freedom Alliance invites all interested New Hampshire citizens to attend our monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 2 at 7 PM. There will be a public discussion of “Agenda 21” versus “Sustainable Communities.” This will be an honest and open discussion on the pros and cons of both positions. Please be aware of […]

NHCHF “Visits” Taiwan

By Judy Perreault, NHCHF

Each year one of our programs focuses on a foreign country or place. We learn a little about their location, history, culture, and food. This year it was “Taiwan – The Other China.” Taiwan, formerly Formosa (Portuguese for “beautiful”), is the largest island of an archipelago 100 miles off the southwestern coast of China. The […]

Guest Night at the Andover Service Club

By Mary Ofenloch, President, Andover Service Club

On Wednesday, April 10 at 6 PM, the Andover Service Club (ASC) will hold its annual guest night in the Highland Lake Grange Hall. The purpose of this event is to welcome new and/or potential members to ASC for a social get-together and pot-luck dinner prepared by the ASC ladies. Entertainment will be provided by […]

Thank You, Andover Service Club Volunteers!

By Mary Ofenloch, President, Andover Service Club

For a service organization such as the Andover Service Club (ASC) to be successful in fulfilling its mission, dedicated volunteers are a necessity. For 54 years, ASC has been blessed with hard-working members who are willing to be of service to their community. Many of the ladies have been faithful volunteer workers for 20 years […]

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