Andover After School Program

By Diane Adams, AASP Director
Andover After School Program

Did you know that cows pee milk? This is one of many funny things that kindergarten kids come up with. This makes our jobs so fun and joyful! The Andover Five Alive Program (AFAP) went for a nature walk to collect acorns for the squirrels. We collected over 750 acorns and had several visitors to […]

Imagination Inn

By By Doreen Perreault Director, Imagination Inn

We are off to a great new year here at Imagination Inn. We enjoyed a Back to School Fun Family Night. The children searched the “school” for ten fish swimming through the building. Each classroom had a fun, hands-on activity to explore. The Panda classroom laced spaghetti and Cheerios, and the Tiger room had a […]

East Andover Village Preschool

By Elizabeth Janvrin Director, EAVP September began with a close look at the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We experimented with a coconut shell and water to see if the shell would sink or float. Some of us added other materials from the classroom to the shells to see what would happen with those as […]

Andover After School Program

By Diane Adams Andover Afterschool Program Director The Andover After School Program (AASP) and the Andover Five Alive Program (AFAP) welcomes back all of the students returning to our program and our many new ones. We are very happy to see the new school year begin. The AFAP kindergarten program is in full swing. We […]

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