Andover Fourth of July Committee: July 2017

Programs are out and available around town

By Beth Frost, Fourth of July Committee

Try to imagine yourself back in 1942 with the cloud of war hanging over our nation and many of our young men leaving to defend it. It’s probably hard for you to imagine what it must have been like. Perhaps you have an elder family member who can tell you about it. If you aren’t […]

Andover Fourth of July Committee’s Update

Movie night will be at AE/MS July 1

Press Release

Tick, tick, tick…countdown to blast off! Andover’s 75th Fourth of July Celebration is close at hand. Not even a month left to go. Andover is a wonderful community. This is one of the special days we get to share it with others. New this year is a movie night. Jane Slayton has been kind enough […]

4th of July Committee Agenda Update

Press Release

Did you ever feel like you didn’t have a good reason to get up in the morning? That might be true for any other day of the year except for the Fourth of July in Andover. Be forewarned: you should set your alarm early so you can join the other early risers in town that […]

Preparations for 75th Celebration Anniversary Moving Along

Flashback to 1942

Press Release

Preparations are underway for the 75th anniversary of Andover’s Fourth of July celebration. We’ve made contact with some parade participants and bands are being lined up. We are also on a drive to bring in more floats this year. Vendors for the Village Green are being registered and kid’s games are in the works. Who […]

Andover Videos for March 2017

Press release

Visit the Andover Cable TV Station’s page on the Town Web site at to watch these and other Andover videos this month: Andover Fire Department Reorganization, March 8 Andover Community Coffeehouse, February 17 Andover Budget Committee, February 16 Andover School Board, February 8 Civil War Bands, February 5 AE/MS January Winter Concert, January 19 […]

Supervisors of the Checklist Meet on March 4

Last chance to register to vote until March 14

Press release

PUBLIC NOTICE The Andover Supervisors of the Checklist will meet at Town Hall on Saturday, March 4, from 11 to 11:30 AM to make additions and corrections to the checklist. After this meeting, no changes can be made to the checklist until Election Day, March 14.

Andover Videos for December 2016

Press release

Visit the Andover Cable TV Station’s page on the Town Web site at to watch these and other Andover videos this month: Tour of the Old Andover Town Hall, November 20 Veterans Day at AE/MS, November 10 Salisbury’s Big Water Brewery, November 2 AE/MS Proposed Renovations, November 1 Saving the Mountains, October 19 The latest available Andover […]

Recycle or Trash? Which Costs Andover Taxpayers More?

Hopper costs $66 per ton; SSR about $39

By Vicky Mishcon, Select Board

What’s your favorite false rumor? One of mine is that it’s cheaper to throw everything “down the hopper” as trash instead of recycling. The Transfer Station is a great place for rumors to spread, and it seems that everyone is an expert on how to fix the roads or run the Transfer Station. But without all […]

Andover’s Fourth of July Committee Sends Christmas Wishes

The Andover Fourth of July Committee would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Although it’s cold outside now, move a little closer to your woodstove and you will begin to feel the heat that we all enjoy on the Fourth of July. Just look outside at 4 PM this afternoon and it […]

Capital Improvement Planning Process Complete for 2016

Current plan can be viewed on Town Web site

By Doug Phelps, Capital Improvement Committee Chair

The 2017 Capital Improvement Planning cycle was completed with the public hearing held on November 16. The current plan, as submitted to the Select Board and the Budget Committee in October, was reviewed at the lightly-attended hearing. The Capital Improvement Plan is intended as an advisory document for budgetary planning related to projects or equipment […]