Sophie Viandier Steps Down; Vicky Mishcon Steps Up

Vicky will serve as selectman until the next Town election

With Sophie Viandier’s resignation from the Board of Selectmen, the Board needed a third selectman to serve until the vacancy can be filled at the next Town election in March of 2016. The Board has filled the vacancy with its appointment of Vicky Mishcon, who previously served on the Board for six years, from 2008 […]

School Board’s Perspective on 2015 School District Meeting

Feedback welcome at regular monthly meetings

By Michelle Dudek, School Board chair

The Andover School Board wishes to thank the community for their support and feedback during the annual School District Meeting. Although not well attended, the voters overwhelmingly voted to approve the operating budget as well as three warrant articles. Two of these articles continue funding to the Special Education and High School Trust Funds, and the other funds a […]

Selectmen Inaugurate Rusty Trusty Old Spike Awards

Ed Hiller and Dennis Fenton honored

By Duncan Coolidge, Board of Selectmen chair

These are the words with which Duncan Coolidge opened Andover Town Meeting 2015 on March 10. First, I want to thank all of the various local government volunteers and elected officials for their selfless and generous effort over the last year serving the town and our community. It is through their gift of time and […]

Town Meeting 2015 Results, Article by Article

Voters approve new approach to highway department

By Charlie Darling, Beacon staff
Town Meeting 2015 Results, Article by Article

The 2015 Andover Town Meeting convened on March 10 in the AE/ MS gym at 7 PM. Duncan Coolidge, chair of the Board of Selectmen, took the floor to recognize many Andover citizens who have helped the Town. See the article on page ?? for the text of his comments. Because Article 1 (election of officers […]

School District Meeting Passes Every Article Unanimously

Facilities Task Force, bus study planned

By Charlie Darling, Beacon staff
School District Meeting Passes Every Article Unanimously

To begin the annual Andover School District Meeting on March 2, Moderator Betsy Paine introduced the Andover School Board members, Andover Budget committee members, SAU #46 officials, and AE/MS administration in attendance. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the AE/MS Chorus sang God Bless America. Betsy […]

Town Meetings Approve Proposed 2015 Budgets

2015 tax bills estimated to drop 4.1%

By Ed Hiller, Budget Committee

For the record, the 2015 annual meetings of the Town of Andover, the Andover School District, and the two Andover Fire Department precincts voted to fund and appropriate the budgets recommended by the Andover Budget Committee, as presented in The Andover Beacon for March 2015. The total appropriations (net of pass-throughs) are $6,553,046, down by […]

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