Planning Board Minutes, May 28, 2013

Condensed from draft minutes

Members present: Paul Currier, Chair; Jon Warzocha, Vice-Chair; Wood Sutton; Nancy Teach; and Duncan Coolidge, ex officio joined the meeting at 7:30.

Also present for duration of appropriate item: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Vicky Mishcon, Selectboard; James Danforth, Selectboard; Dan Coolidge; ZBA; Mary Anne Broshek, Conservation Committee; Kim Hallquist

Joint Board Meeting

Currier gave a brief overview of the Building Permit Process and Code Enforcement that the Planning Board has discussed to date. The Master Plan is nearly completed and should be adopted in the very near future. The changes that were made as a result of the public hearings and comments from the public were reviewed.

Currier explained that the law was revised in 2002 to adopt the State Building Code to provide an option to adopt with enforcement process or not, which means towns can administer the State Building Code if they so choose. Andover adopted their Building Ordinance in 1961, and it has been determined that it does not meet the requirements of state law, especially pertaining to enforcement.

It was asked what liability Andover would have if the State Building Code was adopted and the response was that the State provides indemnification.

Hallquist stated she feels Andover does not need a building code or a Building Inspector; however, a Code Enforcement Office would be sufficient.

Mishcon stated that the Selectboard is not in agreement regarding the Building Inspector / Building code administration.

Currier states that in order for Andover to have enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, a functional enforcement mechanism is necessary. The current Zoning Ordinance provides the Building Inspector with authority.

Broshek asked what financial resources Andover has in the event that a large corporation wishes to come into town. The response is the appeals process, and then Superior Court.

Warzocha asked what the interim remedy is if the Selectboard cannot make a decision regarding the State Building Code. The response was that Andover continues as is until a solution is found. If there is no solution, a special Town Meeting could be held with the Selectboard’s recommendation plus another option.

Dan Coolidge suggested that members of all boards be required to undergo training, all regulations (ordinances) should be available at the Town Office at all times; board decisions should include the basis of a decision (i.e. regulatory basis).

It was asked who will be required to get the board minutes in and the response was the Tax Collector. It was stated that we need accessible record keeping – consolidate, index, and an adjunct database.

Currier stated that the tax maps need to be converted for several lots and Broshek indicated she has a CD which incorporates the tax map overlays. Danforth stated the town roads and the delineation of town-owned properties is a large concern. Currier stated that a town road map needs to be created.