Colby-Sawyer Offers Bachelor Degrees Online

Three majors offered in the fall

Press release

Starting this fall, Colby-Sawyer College will offer online bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Healthcare Management. These programs will be 100% online and feature the same small classes and lively faculty-to-student and student-to student interaction that on-campus students enjoy. Each class is limited to 20 students to maintain the college’s close-knit, one-on-one student learning experience.

Enrollment for the degree programs is open, and students with or without previous college credit are welcome to apply.

“I am proud that Colby-Sawyer is now able to provide the same high-quality, individualized educational experience in an accessible and affordable way to groups of students we have never been able to serve before,” said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculty Deborah Taylor. “We welcome to Colby-Sawyer’s online degree programs those who want to continue their education in a way that develops them as learners and doers, enhances their personal and professional lives, connects them to other learners and dedicated teachers, and allows them to do so while maintaining their work, family, and community obligations.”

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting combines a liberal arts foundation with a comprehensive accounting education to prepare graduates for accounting careers, potential continuing education, and graduate study opportunities. Graduates will be able to analyze and interpret a company’s financial statements; explain and prepare a detailed budget; design an audit in accordance with US auditing standards; and examine specialized accounting topics to communicate them effectively and clearly.

Similarly, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides a foundation in the liberal arts that is essential for a variety of business careers. The major qualifies graduates for positions in corporate, business, and non-profit settings in such fields as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, communications, brokerage, and retail.

Graduates will recognize, practice, evaluate, and synthesize the fundamental elements of finance, accounting, business law, marketing, economics, globalization, technology, and management to obtain the needed skills to make organizational decisions; respond to the needs and wants of stakeholders through understanding markets and market behavior; and continually develop their ethical and professional careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management combines classroom, research, and field experiences to provide an understanding of healthcare organization operations, financing, and delivery of healthcare services to prepare graduates for a wide range of entry level business and administrative positions in healthcare industries and for graduate study in business or other more specialized fields.

In addition to understanding such fundamental business elements as finance, accounting, business law, marketing, economics, globalization, technology, and management, graduates will recognize the cross-functional nature of the healthcare industry; demonstrate an understanding of regulatory and external forces in satisfying the needs and wants of a wide variety of stakeholders; apply and integrate qualitative and quantitative research for a hands-on learning experience; and continually develop their ethical and professional character.

Each of these programs provides an educational experience that builds transferable skills and knowledge and culminates with a theory-to-practice component to assure that graduates are able to apply what they have learned to the realities of the workplace.

Online Certificate Programs in Sport Coaching, Human Resource Management, and Leadership

The online baccalaureate degrees are the latest addition to Colby-Sawyer’s distance-education options. One-year certificate programs in Sport Coaching, Human Resource Management, and Leadership began in January 2014 with full enrollments. These programs are available to professionals in the fields and to those already working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, as well as to interested members of the public.

The Certificate in Human Resource Management builds or enhances knowledge of current HR practices and industrial, social, regulatory, and technical issues in today’s challenging and changing business environment. Students focus on mastering management and motivation strategies that lead to success in an increasingly diverse workforce. The courses in this program have been approved by the HR Certification Institute.

The Sport Coaching Certificate Program educates students who are interested in pursuing careers in coaching as well as students who plan to coach athletics on a part-time basis. The certificate is a formal acknowledgement of training in coaching that is recognized by most states in the US and all states in New England.

Students in the Certificate in Leadership program improve workplace skills in group dynamics, communication, management theories, conflict resolution, and external and internal structures and requirements. Students increase knowledge and skills that are necessary to obtain an entry-level supervisory or managerial position in any industry or profession, as well as expand experience and build leadership skills for increased responsibility or promotion.

History of Online Learning at Colby-Sawyer College

Colby-Sawyer College launched online learning in the summer of 2011, when it offered a set of eight-week summer classes attracting nearly 100 students in 13 courses. In 2012, Colby-Sawyer’s accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) expanded to include offering online programs.

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