A Transforming Experience

New Horizons gave me back my confidence

By Terry Stoecker

It is pretty much always a good thing to feel beautiful and healthy-looking on both the inside and the outside. Sometimes, depending on what is going on in our busy lives, it just isn’t easy or natural to feeling anything other than tired, worn out, and not so beautiful. I think we forget to take care of ourselves much of the time.

Recently, I was feeling my age to the maximum! I was in a time of transition and felt overwhelmed by many things going on.

How terrible it was to look into the mirror and wonder who was that tired and worn-out woman looking back at me? Thank goodness for friends and their loving suggestions: let’s go walking, mani-pedi, highlights, a new haircut, waxing, herb garden, meet for tea?

Some of these suggestions come easily to me, and some not so much. But I felt that I was on the right track. It feels so good now to look in the mirror and like who is looking back at me for all the outer change and corresponding inner glow.

I am very thankful to Mary Meier, Megan Barton, and Holly Noyes at Andover’s own New Horizons Hairstylists and am happy to say that those three amazing local stylists gave me back my confidence with a sassy new haircut, highlights, and waxing. These are amazing and talented local women who serve their clients well. I will always be thankful for a fabulous, transformational experience!

Terry Stoecker