Mario Ratzki Reports from Concord: August 2014

$25 million in surplus so far this year

By Mario Ratzki, NH state representative

Few battles were fought in Concord last month, as the legislature is on vacation, but at home I have been waging war against a foreign invader, the dreaded Japanese beetle.

A few good things happened in our state , however. One, a modest surplus of almost $6 million, was achieved in the month of June, making the total surplus $25 million so far this year. Second, our neighbor to the north, Canada, has expressed interest in expanding their aerospace industry here in New Hampshire. We already have about 300 aerospace and defense industries here, and the average pay in these companies is a whopping $98,000 a year! So welcome, bienvenue, Canada.

Mother Nature delivered a nasty blow to our Andover Fourth of July celebration. Our volunteers were ready to go: the Fourth of July Committee, the Andover Lions, the Andover Service Club, and all the other local organizations who make our Fourth of July the great event that it is. But it was not to be.

The washout of the Fourth of July has put a significant dent in the annual fundraising for many local clubs and organizations. I urge everyone to send a contribution to them to help make up for that shortfall.

In local business news, Julie Rector at Bear Hollow Trading Post has two spaces for rent. The number to call is 977-0083.

A few events not to be missed in August:

  • The Danbury Town-Wide Yard Sale is on Saturday, August 2, from 8 AM to 2 PM.
  • The Andover Historical Society’s Old Time Fair is on Sunday, August 3, in Potter Place.
  • The Salisbury ice cream social (and pet parade!) is on Friday, August 8.
  • The Salisbury Old Home Day is on Saturday, August 9.

I wish everyone a happy summer. I am always available at 735-5440 or