Andrew Hosmer Reports from Concord

Bipartisan compromise leads to meaningful legislation

By Andrew Hosmer, NH state senator

When I ran for the New Hampshire Senate, I wanted to bring common-sense business principles to Concord. To me, that means working with both parties to solve problems; being careful with taxpayers’ money; and focusing on things people really care about, such as economic growth and job creation, instead of getting caught in tired partisan battles.

As this biennium closes, I am happy to report that we have made progress. Real change has come to Concord. I’ve been happy to see bi-partisan compromise and to be a part of passing meaningful legislation that moves New Hampshire forward.

Beginning in 2013, I worked with my colleagues to modernize New Hampshire’s corporate law, making it easier to create businesses and spur job growth. I also partnered with my Republican colleagues to double and make permanent the Research and Development Tax Credit program.

With strong bi-partisan support, I co-sponsored a bill to protect restaurants and other service industry enterprises from higher taxes on tipped wages. I also worked with a Republican colleague to streamline complex regulations by combining several different permits into one, thus saving time and expense for businesses, while keeping all of the same environmental protections in place.

Perhaps our biggest accomplishment in the first session was unanimously passing a balanced and fiscally responsible budget. This budget addressed our growing mental health crisis and the needs of our community colleges and universities and shored up the needs of our state police.

During the second year of the session, I sponsored and co-sponsored legislation that streamlined, and in some cases eliminated, unnecessary state regulations. These business-friendly legislative successes have made it easier for businesses to settle and grow in New Hampshire.

Instrumental in creating a strong economy is investing in New Hampshire’s transportation infrastructure, which was also accomplished this session. I also sponsored legislation strengthening New Hampshire’s domestic violence laws, which was long overdue.

Perhaps the most significant bi-partisan accomplishment was the passage of the New Hampshire Health Protection Act, which not only extends healthcare coverage to 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters, but also includes cost saving and personal responsibility reforms.

These accomplishments were made possible through bi-partisan compromise – compromise that elevated the needs of our state’s citizens above partisan politics. I’m proud of the work we did, and I believe this work will result in a stronger economy, a stronger state, and stronger communities.

Senator Andrew Hosmer is the state Senator from District 7, serving the towns of Andover, Belmont, Boscawen, Canterbury, Gilford, Northfield, Salisbury, and Webster and the cities of Franklin and Laconia.